New Shoes!

orange shoes

Very orange patent leather brogue lace-up high heel sling backs!

Well I thought I might brighten everyone’s day with a picture of my new shoes that begged me to take them home this weekend.

Yes they are orange patent leather and no they don’t really go with anything I have but do I care? They came from Office in Westfields and were £62 (I think…. I got a bit excited and cant remember exactly how much they were!)

I have got the hang of Westfields now and from the giant scary place I once thought it was, I now feel elated that it is a mere walk away. Having said that, I have to walk past the fabulous fabric shops in the Goldhawk Road first so the entire journey can take some time but who is complaining?!

4 thoughts on “New Shoes!

  1. Nene, they are great! I think you are a brave woman picking that colour. I´m glad you have discovered the joy of colours. It definately brightens up the most miserable grey day.

    • Why thank you lovely Monia! I love the power they have to make random passers-by smile, first at them and then at me! Its taken a while for me to defect from the black wardrobe but with my new found addiction to sewing hopefully I’ll be uploading some colourful new clothes too!

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