Plaid wool mini

I’m revelling in the fact that I’ve had a whole day off work. I really haven’t had a proper break since Christmas, though I must not complain. I’ve been very lucky. But being self-employed makes it very difficult to say no to work, not knowing if and when it might dry up. And so the sunshine made today all the better. I love the sun on my face and when the blossom is in full glory in our road. So pretty.

This skirt is 100% vintage wool, a fausty 80cm, won on ebay. But nothing a scented fabric conditioner and a careful wash didn’t rectify! I think it must have been hanging around in granny’s stash for some time as the price tag was definitely pre-decimalization!

The pattern was from the December issue of Burdastyle magazine. It was such an easy pattern and so quick to make up. I admit I didn’t line it… still have the intention! The darts on the front piece are unusually horizontal and the ones on the back are the usual vertical ones. There is no waistband but the waist is shaped and interfaced to make a flattering shape. I used an invisible zipper.

My daughter took these photos and not a bad effort for a 6 year olds first attempt with a proper digi SLR!

plaid wool mini skirt

plaid wool mini skirt

plaid wool mini skirt

plaid wool mini skirt

And I would just like to share the joy of today’s beautiful blossom . . .


Beautiful blossom

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