My version of the floral mini

Last night I completed my version of the floral mini skirt. Very much inspired by the Top Shop version in the last post only I have made a detatchable sash that can be tied front, back or side. I much prefer it at the back as my belly needs no further enhancing!

It was a very quick process, with no pattern involved, and would be quicker still if you didn’t prepare a lining. I did, and gave it thought, and then didn’t like how it bulked out the skirt. I’m all for finishing things on the inside as much as the outside but the sunshine is on its way and its a nice feeling to have a light floaty skirt and the pretty sunlight shines through it just enough.

I have taken some photos to prepare a tutorial but please bear with me. It will no doubt take longer to do that than make the skirt itself! Good practice though. I very much intend for my blog to be as useful as possible.


floral skirt side view

floral skirt side view: I like the shape of this profile


floral skirt front view

floral skirt front view: the light shines through just enough!

floral skirt back view: with sash tied at the back to make it more girly

floral skirt back view: with sash tied at the back to make it more girly!

a walk in the park

A walk in the park!

Also published on my Burdastyle projects page.


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