Polka dot frenzy

I think I just got a bad case of the polka dots! I’m dreaming of all the polka dot dresses, blouses, purses and shoes that I should have in my wardrobe and wondering where I can find time to start making it real. Thinking… girly 50s vintage stylee with a twist.

This has all been wonderfully triggered by some fabulous inspiration on Burdastyle recently.

In particular Julia Bobbin was the main reason that my house is a shambles, that I have blatently ignored all the proper work I was meant to do this weekend and my children are wailing that they are hungry!

These are her wonderful creations which prompted me on the road to mine (though I will reserve ‘wonderful’ until completion!)

Polka dot and peter pan in red

Polka dot and peter pan in red by Julia Bobbin

Polka dots and peter pan in blue

Polka dots and peter pan in blue by Julia Bobbin

The humble polka dot seems to have been born out of an eastern european dance called The Polka which fast and furiously became a craze throughout the US between 1830 to 1890. Manufacturers rode the polka dot storm and cashed in on all sorts of polka dot stuff. But the one thing that never went away and is still much loved today is the fabric itself.

Marylin sported it ‘Itsy bitsy, (not-so-)teeny weeny’ styleee!


marilyn monroe in swimsuit 1951

Lucille Ball was dotty enough for sure!

the dotty lucille ball

The dotty Lucille Ball

Even heavy metal guitarists made the dots rock . . .

Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads, guitarist for Ozzy Ozbornes Black Sabbath

And where would Mini be without hers?


mini mouse

Mini Mouse would be wrong without them!

Though, traditionally sported by Flamenco dancers, the polka dot still delights in adorning todays girlies across all ages and all styles. It never goes away and always looks good on everyone. Well . . . I might just leave that up for debate!


kate moss sheer polka

Kate Moss bravely steps out in spots

The barefaced cheek of Kelly Brook


Kate Winslet spot on

Kate Winslet - spot on by Stella McCartney

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back soon, hopefully wearing my own (slightly more respectable) ooobop! polka dot dress!

Please click on the images for links to sources.


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