Bride’s dolly bag

I am not procrastinating . . . I promise! My polka dot dress is still in the making and is nearly there but progress has been halted for a worthy cause. The lovely Rachel, one of my work colleagues, is getting married very very soon and was in need of a purse to carry her ‘something old, new, borrowed and blue’. It was a tricky brief given that I haven’t seen the dress in real life but my powers of imagination have been helped ever so slightly by way of a fluffy thumbnail .jpg sent via mobile phone!

I may be jumping the gun by publishing this because she may not like it at all. I have pre-empted this by buying some alternative fabrics and planning a back-up design! So in the mean time here is bride’s dolly bag #1.

brides dolly bag #1

It is made from a fine poly lining in ivory and it has a polka dot lace/tulle overlay so actually it does justify its position within the theme!

dolly bag detail

dolly bag detail - polka dot tulle overlay

top of dolly bag

top of dolly bag – fully lined with no raw edges

I will let you know what Rachel thinks . . . .


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