ooobop! Polka dot dress ladybug stylee.

polka dot in street

ooobop! polka dot dress, lady bug stylee.

bow detail

bow detail

It’s done at last. I even made my own deadline. Now there’s a first!

It started with this free pattern from Sew Magazine. I have to be honest, my first love is Burdastyle magazine but when I’m feeling flush, Sew Magazine just hops into my shopping basket like it’s a right of passage. I think I have a little loyalty because of the previous success with my Dotty shawl jacket. That was also born out of a freebie pattern from Sew Magazine.


Simplicity k4070 promotional pattern

This is my first attempt at a garment with princess seams. Not too bad an experience. Only one tiny crinkle which didn’t even deserve to be Photoshopped out! I think I prefer the shape at least it eliminates the potential ‘pointy boob’ when you dont quite get those bust darts right.

peter pan detail

Princess seams, bow waist belt and peter pan collar... spot the crinkle!

I self-drafted (I love saying that!) the Peter Pan collar. Just because polka dots shout out for Peter Pan and Fiona from Table Calender thinks so too . . .


I know for a fact that Fiona is a fan of polka dots and Peter Pan!

. . . and master of all things girly and Peter Pan is the lovely iroiro . . .


iros lovely detachable Peter Pan collar

With regards the back of the dress, I am yet to decide whether or not I like. The invisible zip finishes short of the top to leave a slash opening and a need to fasten with a covered button at the neck. Its ok  but a bit gapey and maybe gives the impression you forgot to zip up properly?!

polka dot dress back detail

gapey back detail

The dress is fully lined. I veered from the instructions which suggested some visible although serged, seams. But I opted to hand stitch the bodice lining to the zipper tape and cover the skirt seam with the bottom edge of the bodice seam (if that makes sense) – so no raw edges show from the inside. I have to say, I think the black lining is very rock and roll too! I hemmed the outer skirt by hand but I was so exhausted by threading the needle by this time that I machine-hemmed the lining!

Overall I am very happy with this ladybug dress (as my daughter so aptly named it). I am proud to have graded the pattern across three different sizes! Never tried that before but really wanted a good fit. However its still not quite perfect and I have highlighted a need for an adjustable mannequin!

Credit to my fabulously talented fiancé for taking the photos. He’s in a band you know!

Please let me know your thoughts. They are always very much appreciated.

See you soon x


8 thoughts on “ooobop! Polka dot dress ladybug stylee.

    • Thank you Fiona. And thank you too for reminding me about Charlotte. She has some very lovely things. My favourite is ‘Meet Me At The Park’! Looking forward to seeing yours! 🙂

      • Thank you ladies ! I am glad you like it. Last week-end, I bought polka dot fabric (again !) so I am pretty sure you will see more on my blog soon…!
        And congrats on your red polka dot dress, I like the pleats on the skirt 🙂

      • Thank you Charlotte. One can never have enough dots in the stash! I love your work. I like the pleats too. They work in a more flattering way than if they were just vertical pleats on a rectangle skirt.

  1. Oh it’s fabulous. I LOVE the Peter Pan collar and, of course, the polka dots! I’ve also got that free pattern and would never have thought of adding a Peter Pan collar to the dress – genius. You’ve turned it into something very special. Right, that’s it, a polka dot dress is now on my list! x

  2. Thanks so much Jane. And sorry for late reply. Just got back from hols which was lovely but a whole week of no sewing and no internet…!! Looking forward to seeing your dress which is bound to be lovely!

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