Singing in the Rain with Steve

steve the headless mannequin

Steve the headless mannequin

For those of you who haven’t yet met Steve in my Burdastyle studio, here is a little fun project before I get making some more clothes.

My neighbours daughter was to perform in a school production of Singing in the Rain and I was asked to make a mannequin. I’m always up for a challenge and this was good timing since I was really busy and had no other valid reason to procrastinate! I was sent this link as reference (2 minutes in) which was good, otherwise I might have given him  a head!

I also might have stuffed him with foam pieces or chopped up tights but on seeing the clip it was obvious that it had to be lightweight so as not to knock out a small child while he was being lobbed around! Shepherds Bush market is home to all things useful so a big sack of poly beads did the trick. Though they aslo served to create a snow scene in my living room.

I used an enlarged ragdoll pattern for the body and used my daughter for size and proportions. Calico was choice of fabric for the nude-look and strength and of course ‘cheapicity’! I half filled the limbs and stitched a horizontal line across at the knee and elbow to create the joints and double seamed throughout to prevent unwanted spillages.

I completed him with only a day to spare for the dress rehearsal and carried him round to my neighbour, in the evening, accompanied by my daughter (who decided he should be called Steve). She was in stitches as all the passers by did a double-take. It did look like I was carrying a dead, naked, headless person!

The students had a lot of fun, by all accounts, dressing him up and dancing with him and the performance was a huge success. My children were sad to part with Steve and still refer to him fondly, so I will at some point make a replacement. It was rather fun!

Steve the poser

Steve the poser


2 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain with Steve

  1. this is both wonderful and hilarious! singin’ in the rain was one of my absolute favorite movies as a little girl; i’d watch it every time i visited my grandparents’ house. i definitely think a replacement is in order, i’d miss him too!

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