ooobop! gypsy top #1

ooobop! gypsy top

ooobop! gypsy top

ooobop gypsy top

Good job my head is chopped off!

Here is the finished article, by the skin of my teeth and by some miracle following an all-dayer at the street party yesterday and considering my fragile state of being today!

I bought 3 metres of this lovely fabric with no plan in mind. Not exactly sure what it is. The man sold it to me as 100% cotton which I don’t disbelieve but I’m wondering if its batiste or swiss dot? It’s pleasantly sheer and has a lovely embossed polka dot all over, white on white. I think it makes a fine gypsy top even though I say it myself and indeed very reminiscent of my new romantic past!

I have entered it into the pool at Flickr for the Spring Top Sewalong 2011 hosted by (Made by) Rae. This is my first sewalong and hopefully the first of many. There are some lovely entries there already. Closing date is Monday 9th May so there is still time to make an entry . . . and feel free to cast your vote!

All credit to my clever 6 year old daughter for taking the photos.

Won’t babble on . . . my bed is calling! But rest assured, upon recovery, I will be making more of these with variations soon.

13 thoughts on “ooobop! gypsy top #1

  1. it’s a lovely top. i think it’s something that never goes out of style, especially for the summer time. did you have a great time at the street party? i wonder the joyful mood of the festivity. love the heart lock and key necklace too. 🙂

  2. Thank you Fiona. It really was so quick to rustle up and it is perfect for the lovely weather we are experiencing at the moment. The street party was fabulous. The last one I remember was the Queen’s silver jubilee in 1977. But I had a child’s perspective on it so this time round, being an adult it bought lots more to the table. I met so many people that I ordinarily say ‘good morning’ to every day on the school run. We introduced ourselves properly while our children played together in the street. Everyone chipped in to ensure the amazing spread of food and the local businesses helped out with a barbeque, a curry stand and barrels of beer. Starbucks loaned us a coffee machine, Innocent gave us box loads of smoothies! The community spirit was absolutely amazing and I feel so very privileged to have been part of it.
    Necklace is from Tiffany’s! A lovely gift from my fiancé last Christmas 🙂

    • That’s a really lovely idea, Monia. You certainly have the figure for it! I, on the other hand, might resemble someone very pregnant! Where can I see your creations? x

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