ooobop! Danielle dress

Danielle close up

The empire line of the Danielle is a winner for me!

danielle dress full length

Danielle dress hemmed just above the knee

Well first I must apologise for the incredibly bad photography. I just finished sewing and was  determined to make the post this evening! Really not a great idea to shoot under the low watt energy saver lightbulb at midnight! But hey ho, I hope you get the idea all the same. I will of course make an effort to get some daylight pictures soon.

I dutifully made a muslin for the bodice before I charged in to this one. I got the linen-like fabric from a charity shop… not seen it in any of my local fabric shops… and I really didn’t want to mess it up. The pattern was another of Burdastyle’s fabulous free patterns. And once you get over the mundane task of sticking all the pieces together, it really is a fantastically easy dress to make. I feel comfortable in an empire waist. It gives some much needed emphasis to my bust and takes the attention away from my more generous waistline!

The stripy bodice and sleeves are a bit AliceinWonderlandesque, don’t you think?

I lined the dress with some red poly lining and a jolly good thing that I did because the fabric is a little itchy. But in any case, it’s also a lovely feeling to slip slide a dress on without any ugly seams waving at you! I have some of the lining left over and have half a plan to make one of those lovely fabric flower corsages that keep popping up on Burdastyle. Sorry, just realised I’m talking about colour and teasing you with rubbish black and white photos!

8 thoughts on “ooobop! Danielle dress

    • Thank you Debi. I was a bit scared of the sleeves and very nearly made it sleeveless but glad I followed it through. Colour photos coming soon but to be honest its shades of grey so wont look immensely different!

    • Thank you so much Melizza. The colour photos I took last night were appalling and grainy and awful. So it’s great you think that! I will have some better ones to post soon.

  1. ..the stripy bodice more ‘Sleeping Beauty”than alice in wonderland I think
    and by the way u lked fab in it when u walked by the shop in it
    i heard u made a wow at Tate Modern? too.Fashion is Art,eh?

    • Thanks Jayne. Come to think of it there might be a bit of Snow white going on too. Always in fairyland, me! I will be posting some of the Tate pictures later. I like that fashion is art x

  2. It does have a kind of fairy-tale look to it – indeed a grown up Alice in Wonderland. I’m definately adding this pattern to my wish list.

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