Danielle at the Tate Britain

As promised, here are some colour pics of the ooobop! Danielle I completed this weekend. Though there is actually not much colour to be seen… its a monochrome dress in any case! We had such a lovely day out at the Tate Britain on Sunday and a perfect opportunity to showcase my new dress! More remarks about my shoes than my dress but that was to be expected! I was approached on two separate occasions by visitors asking to photograph my feet and by many others who couldn’t help but to smile and pass comment. Attention seeking? Moi?!

danielle at the tate gallery

Cerith Wyn Evans' Chandelier. Morse code has never been so cool! The children loved drawing this one.

danielle with damien hurst butterflies

Damien Hirst's butterflies

danielle and stained glass

A girl can never have enough stripes!

zebra shoes

They are surprisingly comfortable . . . honest!

7 thoughts on “Danielle at the Tate Britain

  1. What a brilliant idea to get your outfit photographed in Tate Britain. Those shoes are amazing! So is that beautiful chandelier. The dress is wonderful. Are you sure you’re a beginner?

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous dress! I’ve seen that pattern made up in floral cotton and thought it looked a little twee (even for me) but in plain and stripey linen you’ve made it look stunning. Like a very modern Jane Austen dress, if you will. The photo with the butterflies is particularly good.

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