How to make the ooobop! bean bag

bean bag

ooobop! bean bag


1.75m x 140cm-wide furnishing fabric (for the cover)
1.75cm x 140cm-wide lining fabric (for the inner bag)
matching thread
65cm zip


Cut out the cover and lining using the cutting diagram below.
I have also included a pdf with pages that you can piece together to get the circle shapes if you don’t happen to have a large compass or squared paper to hand!

bean bag cutting layout

Cutting layout: cut 1 set in each main fabric and lining

click here to download pattern for bean_bag_base_circle

click here to download pattern for bean_bag_top_circle

For lining:

  1. Pin together and stitch side seams with 1.5cm seam allowance.  Press seams open.
  2. Gather top edge of ‘tube’ to fit the circumference of the smaller circle. Pin together and stitch.
  3. Seam together the two half circles that make up the base. Press seam open.  Pin to base of bag and stitch all round, leaving a gap to fill with poly beads.
  4. Fill the bag with poly beads. Do not overfill as the bean bag will become solid and the opposite of comfy!
  5. Hand-sew the gap closed and finish securely.

For cover:

  1. First make the strap by folding lengthwise, right sides facing, and seaming across long edge. Press seam open and turn right side out.
  2. Position strap across the top of the smaller circle and baste in place at edges.

    Top circle panel with strap

    Top circle panel with strap

  3. Follow steps 1 and 2 as per lining instructions above.
  4. Press seam allowance of 1.5cm on straight edges of base semi circles. Insert zip.
  5. Sew base circle to base of bag.
  6. Et voilà! Stuff your ooobop! bean bag into its funky cover and chill!

More images available in last post.

If any of these instructions are unclear or you need help with any stage, please let me know. I’m a newbie to creating instructions so all feedback is valued so that I can get it right!

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