The joy of bias binding

bias binding maker

Bias binding maker

Allow me to introduce my new toy. A tiny toy that is giving me such big joy! I’m so easily pleased!! It’s my new bias binding maker and it’s genius. I kind of wanted it to have a special name but it is indeed simply called a ‘bias binding maker’ and it arrived a couple of days ago, courtesy of Jaycotts.

I couldn’t wait for it to be delivered – almost took the postman’s hand off in the process – I have long been dreaming nests of pretty bias binding spilling like spaghetti over a wicker basket. So, being last of the big spenders, I invested £3 in some tiny rose print poly cotton, 2 meters… thats a lot of bias binding. I set to work with my other new tool, the now irreplaceable rotary cutter and cut 2x 24mmwide strips at a 45 degree angle. No science involved, not even a set square, I just folded the top right hand corner down to the selvedge to make the 45 degree angle and cut, first with scissors, to make a triangle. I then marked out a 24mm strip, from the longest, diagonal edge, and used the rotary cutter to cut some very neat strips. It took me a couple of goes though. Not one for reading instructions, I forgot to lock the circular blade and it kept popping up!

Then all that’s to do is to feed the strips though the bias binding maker and iron it as it comes out. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is! I got so involved, I clean forgot to take photos but there are lots of good photographic tutorials using this tool – a particularly good one here at Colette Patterns – so I wont bore you by repeating all thats out there but I will show you the fruits of my labour…!

My first handmade, double-fold, rose-print, bias tape!

My first handmade, double-fold, rose-print, bias tape!


6 thoughts on “The joy of bias binding

  1. Ooh, that is really good to hear about. I’ve felt drawn towards these items, but had been told they didn’t work so well – so very pleased to know that they work excellently. There is nothing better than self-made bias binding.

  2. Ooh I want one, I want one! I’ve made it by hand before or used shop bought and although it’s not rocket science making it by hand, it is pretty time consuming. Right, I’m off to log on to Jaycott’s. x

    • lol! This is what I love about the world of blogging. Its pure confirmation that I am not alone in being excited by such crazy little things! x

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