ooobop! Pillowtalk challenge

pillowcase top

ooobop! pillowcase top

I recently joined the Sew Weekly community and hopped right on to my first ever Sew-Weekly challenge. I feel quite pleased with myself that I completed the task but I can’t see myself regularly rising to the weekly challenges, much as I’d like to.

This weeks challenge was to create a garment from a pillowcase. Funnily enough I recently picked one up from Oxfam for 99p for no other reason other than I liked it. It wasn’t my preferred colour choice but I liked the design and saw potential in this Dorma V&A design. I decided to make a top on failing to get the darned thing over my hips for a skirt! My assumption is that US pillow cases are more far more accommodating …. and I’m sticking to it!

I cut the pillowcase into 3 sections. The main body. The Straps. And the end strip was all that was left over.

pillow case

pillow case cut, ready for action

Wherever my cat is she will instinctively know that I am about to start cutting out and will plonk herself directly on my fabric. It is uncanny but sometimes a little irritating! Does that happen to anyone else? Lucky her socks were clean!

cat feet on pillowcase

Socksy insists on being in on the sewing-action!

The leaf-print border made a perfect bust section which I just gathered by hand down the centre with a double row of stitches. I made a small tube of fabric and pressed it to cover the middle gathers and stitches.

bust section of pillowcase top

bust section of pillowcase top

There is no zip or fastener, so you do need circus skills to get it on and off, but the little side vents make it easier. They help to give it a bit of shape too as it was a ‘baggy sausage shape’ before!

This little pillowtop would never make it to my top 20 finest projects and I didn’t learn any new fancy techniques in the process but for an hours work from beginning to end, a new avenue ventured and a mission accomplished I am a very happy bunny and I still ended up with a 99p ‘wearable’ summer top… just listen to that trumpet blow!


4 thoughts on “ooobop! Pillowtalk challenge

  1. AWESOME! I love this so much! What a great idea!! And yes, my cats inevitably know when I am cutting out fabric and tend to just flop down and roll over looking all cute! Let’s just say there are lots of sewing interruptions 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Debi. I haven’t given it an outing yet. I’ll be so conscious that everyone will be looking at me and thinking ‘Hey, look at her in her fancy pillowcase’!

  3. i like how it ruches at the front. again, something I wouldn’t dream a pillowcase could be. really cute summer blouse. think it’ll make a nice sleepwear too. 🙂

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