Samaria’s disco top

A school disco always calls for a new outfit and for a seven year old you would think all that involved was a quick trip to Primark! But not as far as my youngest daughter is concerned! Like mother like daughter, Samaria likes to make work for myself and so she decided to design a top and get mummy to make it! How could I resist that kind of challenge? She had in mind the fabric, the style and even provided me with a top that I could get the basic measurements from. I am quite impressed to be honest.

Samaria's disco top - 02

Hello everybody . . . I'm Samaria!

Samaria's disco top - 03

. . . and I'd like to show you my new disco top!

The fabric is a sparkly synthetic stretchy-type that didnt stretch too much and doesn’t crease at all. It was soooo easy to sew. I don’t have a serger so I used an overlock stretch stitch. I created a bias strip for the neckline and used narrow black ribbon for the sleeveless side. The shape of the body fans out at the side edges to give it a bit of ‘swing’!

Samaria's disco top - 07

Flares out at the bottom for a bit of swing.

In order to create the pattern I placed the original top over some squared graph paper, which I placed on to a rubber cutting mat. I used a pin to prick around the shape of the sleeve and the body section, through the fabric, through to the paper and then joined up the dots on the graph paper with a pencil. Once I had the perfect shape I modified the pattern to reshape the body and omit one of the sleeve. Simples!

Samaria's disco top - 08

Perfect for disco moves!

I have decided that this is the way forward for Samaria’s wardrobe. Whatever I buy or make without her prior approval usually ends up worn once out of politeness and then the item in question conveniently doesn’t fit her after it has resided, shamefully ignored at the bottom of her wardrobe for several months. But getting her to design her own clothes would save a lot of wasted time and work! Believe it or not she is normally really difficult to get in front of a camera, but give her a remote control and hey – there’s no stopping her!!

Samaria's disco top - 09

Nearly done . . . just one more pose!

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