Pussycat shoes

Ooo . . . look what came in the post on Saturday!


Pussycat shoes from Irregular Choice

Care of my very lovely fiancé these ‘Sirens’ from Irregular Choice arrived in good time to replace my beloved patent orange slingbacks which are in need of heel-surgery. I am already a fan of these gorgeous masterpieces since I spotted a small range in Schuh, Westfield a couple of weeks ago. Dan was drawn in to one of their shops in Carnaby Street and so generously snapped up a pair for me, knowing all the ooo’s and awww’s that would ensue, upon delivery!

They are made of black suede with a polka dot fabric cat appliqué on the front, complete with a little pink bow collar. It’s tail ‘snakes’ round the side of the shoe. The heels are glittery and sparkle when we get our little teases of sunshine.

No detail is overlooked. From the gorgeous packaging, complete with sticker…

Irregular choice packaging

Beautiful packaging . . . which wont be visiting the recycling bag for some time!

and the crazy retro rabbit-print sole of the shoe . . .

siren shoe sole

Beautiful design on the sole . . . shame to walk on!

to the insides which are lined with pretty rose-print fabric.

siren shoe lining

Pretty lining that makes me smile every time I put them on

I have to admit that they are not the most comfortable of shoes – no discredit to the design – mainly because my feet are ‘square’ and wide! But I am hoping that the suede will ease a little after a few wears. Buy hey! I’m not old enough to go for comfy shoes yet anyhows!

10 thoughts on “Pussycat shoes

  1. OMG! I lOVE THESE SHOES! The cat designs is amazing (I didn’t realise it was a cat until you pointed it out–it’s so subtle!) I love the shape and the pink bows!!!

  2. wow
    am looking forward to seeing you…what’s the word for how to walk in pussycat shoes?…PRrrrrrrrOWLING! past the gallery …your fabulous clothes and shoes always lift my spirits!!!!love from Jayne hep xx

  3. Can you get anymore excited? Lol. I get this way too when I receive something I love. The packaging is so well thought out. It’s. shame shops don’t do this a lot these days. I noticed that vintage packagings were usually so pretty. Now all we get is a white box. Enjoy your shoes, they look lovely, and I totally missed the cat too.

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