ooobop! 70s dress in blue

ooobop 70s dress blue

ooobop! 70s dress blue: McCalls 2399

Well today was a wash out and so short of giving my new dress an outing in the park for some sunny outside photos, I used the meagre amount of sunlight that peeked through my kitchen window instead. Hence the dark ‘moody’ shots!

This is my first attempt at a vintage pattern – McCalls Pattern 2399 – and it was definitely worth doing the toile! Originally, I had chopped off 6 inches from the hem – as per pattern instructions – and this made a horrid sausage shape. For this version, I took 5 inches up from between the waist and the hem and allowed a hem of 2 inches et voilà… the A-shape remained!

This is the first time I have included a side zipper too. Well second time, including the toile! And I have to say I’m a fan, not only because they seem easier and neater to put in but I dont have to dislocate my arm to do a back zipper all the way up!

I took my time over the collars, grading the seams, clipping and pressing and it paid off to get really smooth curves.

And you may have noticed, I decided to ditch the sleeves (from the toile). Mr Ooobop not-so-kindly remarked that I looked like an inmate from Prisoner Cell Block H! Such a charmer! He insists he was referring to the colour of the fabric but it kind of put me off the sleeves anyhow!

70s dress blue

70s dress blue

I am determined to get the stash pile busted somewhat and so I have begun with this cotton print which I picked up from Oxfam for £4. For that price and from the experience I have gained making this dress, I am a very happy bunny!

13 thoughts on “ooobop! 70s dress in blue

    • Oh thank you Miss Dibs! I haven’t worn it out yet. It doesn’t deserve to be rained on! But if you would do a sun dance for me it would be most appreciated! x

  1. Ooh what a lovely print. I love raiding charity shops for bargain prints and making something fabulous out of them. The dress is lovely.

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