ooobop! silk necktie

ooobop necktie

ooobop! necktie in Prada silk

Necktie envy set in when my bff Clair swanned into the office, sporting hers, and looking uber glam. I have never given the little things a thought before now, but I think it was the length and the shape of this particular slip of a scarf that got me thinking.

ooobop necktie

ooobop! necktie in Prada silk

And so I shamelessless traced the shape of the little beauty and got pot lucky in the Goldhawk Road this afternoon. Half a metre of Prada silk for £3! I say Prada silk in the loosest sense as it reads PRADA in random pink spots throughout the design of the fabric. It is a bit suspect but Prada or not it is still very lovely silk and appropriate for my get up for the Vintage Festival tomorrow. I am beyond excited and this one last sleep isn’t going to be a very good one as I am slightly beside myself with excitedness!

necktie prada close up

'PRADA' on random polka dots

Not much to report on the making of this tiny project but it was a first for me, sewing with silk and certainly a first creating a baby hem. The BurdaStyle site has been a fantastic resource for me over the last year or so and came up trumps once again with this little baby hem tutorial.

Thanks for popping by. I’m off to soak in a lavender bath and count sheep…. any further tips most welcome!

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