Vintage pattern love

I didn’t think I was that easily led. But clearly I’m a pushover. I have been inspired beyond belief by festivals, blogs and work colleagues and now I’m dreaming, 24/7 of owning an entirely handmade wardrobe, based on vintage inspired clothes.

I think I am kidding myself everso slightly if I think my dressmaking can keep up with my pattern buying (and full time job . . . and children!) but a girl can dream and wish, and you know what they say about wishing hard enough!

These are my recent buys. And I think you might be inclined to believe why I couldn’t leave these beauties unsold!

simplicity 1566

simplicity 1566

Butterick 5710

Butterick 5710

The 40s dress below intrigues me most and I can’t wait to get onto the muslin. I’m hoping that waist piece with the waist tie will be as flattering in real life as the drawing portrays.

Butterick 2638

Butterick 2638

Has anyone had the pleasure of running any of these up yet? Any tips, warnings and encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

8 thoughts on “Vintage pattern love

  1. Lovely patterns! You summed me up when you said that you don’t think your dressmaking can keep up with your pattern buying! I have so many patterns and I keep buying more, yet my time is limited in how many and how fast I can make them up! It’s nice to daydream about this kind of stuff though and it’s always something to work towards ;o)

    • ooo Marie! Thank you for stopping by to comment and also for leading me to your site. You have some gorgeous patterns and fabrics and creations… I will be back for a better look later.

  2. I just keep claiming that I am building up all the basics by buying so many patterns-nope, not a ‘collect the whole set’ mentality at all!
    I want to see that last pattern too! Any fabric ideas already?

    • lol! So it’s quite normal then? I’m imagining a red with white microdots but Im only thinking along those lines because its in my stash. I think I should give it some deserved thought and a stroll down the Goldhawk Road fabric shops before I make any rash decisions.

    • Its lovely isn’t it. I bought a couple more yesterday which I will post shortly. But I’m still dreaming of when I will be able to make them all up! I love your blog by the way!

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