Butterick 5007: Men’s vintage western shirt.

Butterick 5007

Butterick 5007: Men's shirt

I’m assuming this shirt is 70’s. I can’t see any reference to the print date on the sleeve or instructions but either way it has been approved by Mr Ooobop! I bought a selection of vintage shirt patterns as the request was for a ‘fitted shirt with a large collar’. You see, from the moment I brought home that lovely vintage Laura Ashley fabric from Oxfam, he had proper plans….!

I love how the transfer patterns are both still in the pack and unused. Mr Ooobop! politely refused the inclusion of the flowers and suggested I might like to use them for a project of mine instead!

These were the other two patterns I bought from Etsy:

Simplicity 6693

Simplicity 6693

Somplicity 7698

Somplicity 7698

Now I have to say, I have never attempted a shirt before, let alone a man’s shirt so this is going to be an adventure. I feel a bit sad that I’m not going to progress very far before I go away but I have managed to steal 2 hours this week. 1 hour to patch together the pattern pieces, press them flat and cut them out and 1 hour to press the fabric, lay out and cut the pieces. My mum advised not to cut the pattern and the fabric at the same time as it would blunt the scissors over a period of time. Fortunately this is a one-size pattern so I can cut around it (with my paper scissors) otherwise I would be tracing off the right size and cutting that one out. It seems so far that I don’t have to make any adjustments so we will see.

shirt pattern pieces cut out

shirt pattern pieces cut out

I must have had a moment of bravery because I am using the chosen fabric for a ‘first time make’. I suppose, in my mind it was a very cheap buy from a charity shop so I’m hoping it will be a wearable toile. Mr Ooobop! already has another fabric lined up for the next one in any case!

One thing to look out for when you use reclaimed or vintage fabric buys, is to check over the fabric thoroughly. I spotted this little frayed hole just in time so that I could place the pattern pieces around it.

hole in fabric

hole in fabric

Well I am off to finish up some work and then pack for my little trip to Jersey. I’m not sure I will have too many fabric or vintage shopping experiences to write home about… I think there are only two fabric shops on the whole of the island! Have a wonderful weekend all and I look forward to catching up with your adventures when I get back.

11 thoughts on “Butterick 5007: Men’s vintage western shirt.

  1. I’ve never paid any attention to vintage men’s patterns before but these are great and the pictures are hilarious! I love the mirror shades on the view D dude in the first pattern and the rear stance and moustache of view 1 in the second pattern. Good luck, I’d love to see what your gorgeous bird fabric turns into. x

    • I’ve never paid much attention to men’s patterns per se so this will be a first. I’m far too selfish to make a habit of it! I will do my damnedest to get Mr Ooobop! to strike an appropriate pose! Might take a few JDs though!

    • Thank you Jayne. You dont need to work a machine when you make such beautiful hats. We had a lovely time in Jersey. Such a pretty place. Highly recommended x

    • Thank you Fiona. We had such a lovely time. Jersey is a very pretty island indeed. Cant wait to get the sewing machine out now. Just got to load up the washing machine… again! x

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