The London Vintage Fashion, Textiles & Accessories Fair

My good friend Ms Lenith gave me a lovely list of vintage fairs and events that were taking place this weekend, which was lovely of her considering how grumpy she was at having to miss them all! But with everything that I had to do this weekend I  knew I would only be able to make one of them and it had to be local. So today I spent a wonderful morning at the London Vintage Fashion, Textiles and Accessories Fair. I have lived in this area for a good five years now and I have only just wised up to the subtle signage that whispers news of the next treasure trove. They happen every four to five weeks apparently. Well now that I know about them I am a poorer person indeed!

The event is held upstairs in the town hall and my first impression was that it was relatively small, a bit smelly,  and just full of vintage clothes. Not unusual for such a fair one might think but I was determined not to spend hard cash on ready made clothes. I’ve spent a fair bit on vintage patterns recently and I have a fabric stash that would clothe an army (in an interesting way) so I have prohibited myself from buying them in order to force more learning about sewing my own creations. Honestly, some of the dresses were in excess of £150. Lovely as they are, for that price, I’d sooner invest the time in reproducing ones to fit.

I was on a mission to find some vintage habershashery with half an eye out for a new bag. Everything was there. In all its gorgeousness. But mostly at a price! And the fair itself can’t have been that small because I was there for a good two and a half hours!

So here is what I found whilst swanning around the stalls in time to ‘The Girl From Ipanema‘! Praps you might want to listen to it whilst perusing all the lovely things I found . . . !
Oh . . . and see if you can spot the red herring!

Blackmore 9512: 60s dress pattern

Blackmore 9512: 60s dress pattern

Butterick 9635: 50s dress pattern

Butterick 9635: 50s dress pattern

Bestway 40s: suit pattern

Bestway 40s: suit pattern

Very red pvc bag

Very red pvc bag

Silk guipure lace neckpiece

Silk guipure lace neckpiece

Large metal buttons

Large metal buttons (1.5 inches tall and wide)

Little plastic buttons perhaps for a little 60s number?

Little plastic buttons perhaps for a little 60s number?

And lastly is my favourite find of all. It looks a bit deco to me. Though that is a completely uneducated guess. The seller didn’t know it’s story at all. But I think it is screaming to be worn with a little 40s dress which I haven’t made yet!

weighty brass / bronze buckle with enamel(?) mosaic inlay

Weighty brass / bronze buckle with enamel(?) mosaic inlay

The red herring is (of course) the entirely modern red plastic bag. The seller fessed up but I really don’t care! It is going to be the perfect accessory to the 60s shift dress and red shoes that I haven’t made or bought yet!

If you live locally and have never been, this vintage fair is worth a visit. Or do you know of any good ones local to you?

9 thoughts on “The London Vintage Fashion, Textiles & Accessories Fair

  1. I went to one of these a couple of months ago and bought a few gems (some buttons from the same lady by the look of it!) I agree about the prices of the frocks though, some were shockingly high. Your buys are all fab, love the lace neck piece. x

    • She was very sweet, the button lady! I would definitely go again. It was a bit stressy earlier on with ‘serious’ buyers frantically scouring each stall but after an hour or so it calmed down and was really a lovely place to be. Wish I’d bought the cuffs to go with the neck piece now! x

  2. I’ve been to that one! I came away with a pair of vintage kids maroon leather ballet pumps. As they were cute. Not very practical. I agree it’s expensive, also the sizes are a bit prohibitive. I don’t think I’d have fitted in anything, although some of the girls of smaller build trying thing son did look fabulous! I love that belt buckle you found.

  3. That Butterick 9635 pattern, OOOOOO!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! And I think I have the perfect fabric for it – a white cotton emboidered broderie anglaise brder style in black. With a black and white spot infill? Swoon!! Pop over to NZ and pick it up? 😉

    • Ooo I like the sound of that! I think I will have to attempt this dress when I have plently o time on my hands. I think It will take a day to sort the pieces and lay them out. The packet is sooooo fat!!

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