Ooobop! keyring lavender hearts with ponies!

keyring lavender hearts with pony buttons

keyring lavender hearts with pony buttons

Well, my ‘little project’ did Involve buttons in the end but what sweet little pony buttons are these?!

I took a trip to my favourite haberdashery stall in Shepherds Bush market this morning, intent on getting some little red buttons but I didn’t bank on finding little red ponies!

keyring lavender heart with pony button

keyring lavender heart with pony button

Following on from the keyring lavender pillow I made Samaria, I got all inspired to make a heart shaped one. Transpires its really difficult to turn little hearts inside out when they are made of furnishing fabric, so I went for the shabby chic look, sewing wrong sides together and pinking the edges!

Each one is a little bit different owing to the placement of the design in the fabric. I tried to make each side contrasting just to add a bit of interest. I think I gave these little beauties more thought than I’ve ever given a garment when it comes to placement!

keyring lavender heart with pony button

Each side has different design

Samaria wanted some to give her friends and has now put an order in for her teachers!

I can’t tell you how gorgeous this Jersey Lavender is. I’m a bit hooked to be honest… and very relaxed!

I have put some in my Etsy shop as a tiny move closer to having handmade dresses in there… at some point in the future!

4 thoughts on “Ooobop! keyring lavender hearts with ponies!

  1. These are soooo cute. Love them! How do you stop the lavender spilling out when you’re sewing up the last bit? Yes, hearts are a notorious sod to sew with that acute angle. Great, practical solution!

    • Thanks so much Karen. I started sewing from the straight edge near where the curve starts and sewed around the curvy bits, down the other straight side, swivelled at the bottom, came up about 1 cm and left a gap of about an inch. I used a funnel to fill it and then stitched the rest. It was a bit fiddly but I just took it slow!

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