Wardrobe basics: A-line pinstripe mini skirt

A-line pinstripe mini skirt

A-line pinstripe mini skirt

I gave myself a talking-to the other day and decided it was time to get real and get some wardrobe basics made. They won’t make for very interesting posts I’m afraid but needs must and all that! I’m so keen to make interesting and funky clothes and I will wear them, honest, but sometimes the office calls for something a little more basic! And in any case if I am ever to join in a ‘me-made’ or a ‘self-stitched’ month I need to get at least a weeks worth of basics made!

I have made this skirt before (see this post) and I love how simple it is. This time I used a wool blend suiting fabric from one of my local fabric shops. Only £5 per metre and I used just over half a metre. So a bit of a bargain really!

The pattern is from the December 2010 issue of Burdastyle magazine. I lent my mum this issue and had to make it up, minus instructions, which is good for me as it makes me think more about what I am doing. The darts are interesting on this one. They are standard vertical darts on the back but lie horizontally on the front. I quite like them and they kind of give the impression of welt pockets!

horizontal darts on the front, vertical ones in the back

horizontal darts on the front, vertical ones in the back

The only difference I made this time was to add a lining. Even though I love the plaid one, it definitely lacks a lining and I have yet to sort that out. So this one feels much nicer and the shape keeps better. I cut the lining from the same front and back skirt pieces but added an inch to the centre front. I made a little box pleat to give it a bit more ease as the skirt itself is quite a snug fit.

box pleat centre front lining

box pleat centre front lining

I slip stitched it to the zipper tape and attached it with a couple of stitches at the hem to stop it riding up.

lining slip stitched to zip tape

lining slip stitched to zip tape

But I am clearly still learning….

I placed the zip too close to the seam line, thinking I wouldn’t have to employ a hook and eye and there are 2 problems here. The facing becomes more bulky and the very top of the zip is scratchy on my skin. So I am going to have to do the decent thing at some point and remove and reposition it. Ugh… such a hideous thought! And after dealing with that I’m sure that will be a lesson learnt!


8 thoughts on “Wardrobe basics: A-line pinstripe mini skirt

  1. Lovely skirt and you’ve done a great job matching the stripes. I also love linings. I don’t see the problem with the zipper. I always do mine right up to the top to avoid a hook and eye.

    • Oh thank you Katy. I wasn’t anticipating any comments on this post. I thought it was far too boring! I should have taken a picture of the top of the zipper really. it kind of extends over the fold and so its really scratchy if I’ve not got anything tucked in! A few millimeters down and it would have been ok I think.

  2. I understand what you mean about no basics- I like to sew ‘pop’ pieces and can’t stretch it into a weeks wardrobe- let alone a month!
    Great skirt- I love pinstripe as a neutral!

  3. Yay, I’m glad you posted about this! 🙂 Good on you for making some wardrobe basics. I desperately need to do that, too….. I’ve been procrastinating all day so far, but now you’ve inspired me to actually go and cut out those trousers I’ve been meaning to make for months.

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