My Star Reader Prize!

Well following a week of poor health and generally feeling down in the dumps, today’s surprise knock on the door provoked a speedy recovery!

I was a bit irritated by the knock to be honest. Who would be so inconsiderate? Who was I going to have to face up to with my droopy eyes and dribbling nose? I felt bad when my grimace met Mr. Postie’s everso smiley face as he presented me with a substantially sized brown box. My Star Reader Prize from Sew Magazine! See I have been so poorly, I haven’t even had the energy to blow my own trumpet about having my letter published in October issue.

Sew Magazine star letter

My letter to Sew Magazine.... Lady in red... thats me!!

It seems so long ago that I made my Ladybug dress, April 2011 in fact, and I had completely forgotten that I had sent that Email to the magazine. I was really happy with the free pattern that came with the March issue and wanted to share my results but didn’t think for one minute that I would win with a Star Prize!

And just look at my prize!! How spoilt am I? I feel like a child in a sweet shop . . .

Star Prize

Look at all my goodies!

Every single item made me beam with joy as I took it out the box… and they kept coming… so many things. Every single one of them will be cherised and put to a very good use I can assure you. I really like this kind of medicine!

Here’s what was included:

  1. 6 Dylon dyes in fabulous colours
  2. 4 fabulous Simplicity patterns: 2401, 2442, 2659 and 3823
  3. A really cute printed linen pencil case
  4. 6 fat quarters of the prettiest cotton fabric
  5. 8 packets of silk embroidery thread
  6. 9 boxes of cup sequins in a variety of colours
  7. A cute little tray of 7 compartments of 7 kinds of pretty beads
  8. A pot of sparkly rhinestone studs
  9. 3 little gold anchor charms
  10. 1 Metre of Beaded Accents
  11. 1 packet of assorted sew-on gems
  12. 5 metres of 3mm elastic
  13. A really cute little tin containing 4 reels of assorted Gütterman thread plus and extra 4 rolls of metallic thread in assorted colours
  14. Mixed bag of millitary style and vintage looking buttons plus 1 large pearl and bejewelled button!
  15. Packet of 3 boys army style appliqued badges.
  16. Pack of Machine oil
  17. Service Kit for Sewing machines
  18. Hot iron Transfer Pencil
  19. Sun Guard, wash-in sun protection
  20. Easy Loop Turner… how cool is that. No more fights with lost safety pins for me!
  21. Sweethear Rose Maker. Now I can make some of those lovely fabric flowers that everyone else finds so easy to make!
  22. 12 feet of Premium Ribbon in really pretty colours.
  23. And last but not least a fabulous book called Simply Sublime Gifts by Jodi Kahn… just when I was thinking about possible Christmas presents to make.

So I will never ever say “I never win anything, me!”. Because I feel like all my Christmases have come at once. I am such a happy bunny. Thank you so so much Sew Magazine!





18 thoughts on “My Star Reader Prize!

  1. I’m intrigued – what is the wash in sun guard? Does it protect the fabric or your skin? Beware the loop turner! If it’s anything like my contraption it’s a crock of you-know-what. Sometimes it’s useful, but most times it leaves me swearing like a violent sailor!

  2. Thanks Karen. lol… yes I am intrigued by the Sun Guard too. Its says: “SunGuard puts an invisible shield into clothing that helps block more than 96% of the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your skin! Add SunGuard to the wash cycle and boost the UPF protection of clothes from UPF5 ro UPF 30 with just one washing. One application lasts through 20 washings but SunGuard can be added to every wash and will not change the look and feel of clothing.”…mmm not heard of that one but I dont think I’ve ever got a sun tan through my clothes come to think of it!
    Thanks for the warning with the loop turner. I was getting a bit over excited about that one!

  3. What a fantastic prize and generous too – there’s so much there! Well deserved – lovely to see your dress in print. I haven’t heard of Sew magazine – I’ll have to look out for it!

    • Thank you Katie. Im still very loyal to Burda Style magazine but Sew is great for free Simplicity patterns, fabric shopping info, and insight into other peoples sewing rooms!

  4. Congrats! That’s a fab box of goodies they sent you! Re loop turners, I love mine!! I’d never be able to do rouleaux loops without it! Hope you get better soon.

    • Thank you. I think my mum has already bagsied the rhinestones! She makes dance costumes for little girls. It clearly is a good idea to submit your projects to these magazines. I’ve not done it before….but jolly glad I did! 😉

  5. Oh, what an awesome prize! Yay! Great timing as well, when you’re ill.

    I’m so glad they published the photos of your ladybird dress – it’s such a gorgeous dress. 🙂

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