Audrey’s collection.

Audreys pattern collection

Audreys pattern collection . . . just over 100!

Last week I had a wonderful message sent via Facebook, from my old neighbour who I haven’t caught up with in such a long time. She asked if I might be interested in a box of old sewing patterns that Β a friend of hers was otherwise going to get rid of. Interested was an understatement of course.

So fast forward to last night when I had a wonderful visit from Andrew. He pulled up outside in a 1967 Rover, like something out of the Sweeny! He looked so retro in his fur-collared leather jacket and his half-tinted 70s shades, a man after my own heart for sure, and I tried to be everso polite not to react too hastily about the giant box of patterns on the back seat! It was very difficult though. I really wasn’t expecting him to bring that many! I couldn’t possibly let him drive straight off straight away. I had to ask him in for a cuppa to thank him at the very least.

I’m so glad I did! We got on like a house on fire and talked non-stop ’til the small hours of Sunday morning! He explained how his mother had sadly passed away earlier in the year and how he and his siblings were only just recently able to start sorting through her things.

I’m especially glad I got to know what Andrew’s mother was like. I would so love to have met Audrey. She sounded like an an amazing lady. Creative, innovative, kind, charitable, a master of all things frugal and a damned fine sport! She never stopped creating and making and tending to her garden and all the while looking after everyone else before herself, so it seemed. She never complained and never wanted to impose her illness on anyone. She was a very strong and determined lady but sadly lost the fight to a dreadful illness. Andrew showed me a photo of her taken not long before she died and I could not believe how youthful and beautiful she looked. I don’t think her image will ever leave my mind. I will think of her every time I make a dress from her collection and I certainly will treasure these patterns forever.

So thank you to Jo, my lovely thoughtful neighbour. Thank you to Andrew for being such wonderful company and for coming so out of your way to make the delivery and thank you most of all to Audrey who, though we have never met, will be such a huge inspiration to me and my future sewing projects. I am one very grateful and very lucky lady!

pants the cat sneaks in

Pants, the cat, says thank you too!

23 thoughts on “Audrey’s collection.

  1. What a touching post! By the looks of the pattern stash, Audrey was a lady with impeccable taste in fashion too, I’m sure she’ll be happy that her patterns have gone to an equally creative and loving home!

  2. You will indeed treasure them forever, what an amazing gift. Audrey sounds like she was a fine lady, I’m sure you’ll do her proud Janene. x PS. Andrew sounds fab too! x

  3. Such a lovely history will enhance any makes from these patterns! The front ones in teh box re just so iconic mkes, I can really see them on you. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Mrs C. There are some very amusing 80s ones in amongst the beauties but to be honest I love flicking through the styles from 50s to 90s to see the evolution and the influences and it emphasises the lovely history of the collection too.

  4. Oh how exciting!!!! I was recently gifted a large box of patterns recently too – I’ve been meaning to do a post about it and will get round to it shortly. Not quite so many earlier model vintage pieces in my treasure gift, but all the same it’s nice to be on the receiving end of good karma! I have some giveaways in mind for some of mine!

    • I cant think of a better way to come by patterns. Such lovely Karma. I have to say there were a lot of hilarious 80s ones in with mine too but I like them just as much, as they are very much part of the history of the collection πŸ™‚

  5. What a lovely story – and what an exciting box of treats! I’m sure Audrey would have be delighted to know that her patterns have gone on to someone who will love and cherish them as much as she probably did.

  6. Hello πŸ™‚ I have just read your post and it is really lovely. I actually feel sad you never got to meet her, I think she would have really liked you. Andrew told me this story and im so glad that her collection has gone somewhere special. My nan really was as amazing as you have written she was. Thank you πŸ™‚ x

    • Oh Rachel, how lovely of you to stop by and thank you so much for your kind words. What a wonderful nan she must have been. I would love to have known her. Though because I have been thinking about her so much I feel like I do! I can’t bring myself to put the patterns away yet. I have been rifling through them and dreaming of what ones to make and in what order! They will be treasured for sure xxx

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