I ♥ Tilda Bunnies

tilda bunnies

Tilda bunnies... couldn't stop at one!

I’ve been wanting to make a Tilda Bunny ever since I saw some real cuties posted by Long Red Thread. I also have a deep love for linen… and a new machine I wanted to get to grips with! So this little project was perfect to satisfy all needs.

tilda bunnies

... so much fun to make!

Just had to find a pattern which unsurprisingly doesn’t exist as a freebie. So for a mere £4.45 (special price at Amazon) I ordered a copy of Crafting Springtime Gifts. The free delivery option ensured it arrived the following morning which was even more impressive!

crafting springtime gifts

Crafting Springtime Gifts

There are lots of lovely gift suggestions inside but the main focus is on the lovely Tilda Bunny itself. The instructions suggest making a card template to trace directly onto the fabric. You then stitch on the pencil lines and trim a small seam allowance to cut them out. They are filled with polyester toy filling and the openings are hand stitched. A tiny triangle of pink embroidery ensures a cute little nose and my daughters black fabric marker made for perfect eyes (and is now resident in my craft box…shhh don’t tell her!)

Embroidered nose and eyes with fabric marker

Embroidered nose and eyes with fabric marker

Ooo… nothing like a close up of those lovely linen fibres! I really should get out more!

I didn’t use much more than the basic running and overcast stitches but couldn’t resist incorporating a decorative star stitch round the hems of the bloomers… just because I can!

star stitch close-up

Decorative star stitch

Of course it didn’t stop with the two bunnies and their traditional outfits. Samaria promptly earmarked a few dress designs from her Build-A-Bear catalogue and begged a party dress for her bunny. Strapless with a sweetheart neckline… why of course!

Tilda bunny party dress

Tilda Bunny party dress

I can’t go without a mention to the wonderful Mr Ooobop! Not only is he the reason I am now in posession of the most amazing sewing machine, he also took these fantastic photos for me. He is becoming a dab hand with the camera lately and I will be sure to share some of his creations with you real soon.

14 thoughts on “I ♥ Tilda Bunnies

  1. Well the saying is …’the family that plays together, stays together’… so with daughter donating the equipment and now Mr. Ooobop jumping on-board, what more could you want??? Oh, yeah, a few more of the bunnies – they are really cute…

  2. I bought a bunny very similar to these at a craft fair years ago. I couldn’t resist. The one I got was a boy and he had on yellow and white ticking overalls. He was precious, and I still miss him.

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