Circle skirt for ‘The Producers’

I’m still feeling like I ought to have made some firm new years resolutions. Most bloggers have bitten the bullet, committed to some serious projects and put them all in writing which is so admirable and positive and made me feel a bit of a lightweight until I read a post which reminded me amongst other things that I dont have to join in with every bloggers sewing challenge presented to me!

It made me realise that instead of swearing by the almighty Golden Hands sewing Bible, to sew more furiously and meet far more challenges than last year – whilst juggling a full time freelance career as a graphic designer and being mother, wife, keeper of all pets and chief bottle washer – I should instead get more realistic and concentrate on what is really needed, and what will be cherished. Lets face it. There’s a lot of time-stealing, head-hurting, and sleep deprivation involved in most sewing projects so to make something, purely to look pretty in a wardrobe (I admit to at least 3 from last year) is surely criminal! Life chucks all sorts of spanners in the works and so I’m pained to even state this as my new years resolution (You can tell how committed I am!) but I am going to give it a go.

My first day-saving emergency skirt was started last Thursday evening following a panic text from my friend. She had been desperately searching for a 1950s vintage dress or skirt for her daughter, the lovely Miss Bella, to wear for her next school production of The Producers. Easy, one would have thought, if you were an adult perhaps. But Miss Bella is a very petite 12 year old and to alter anything ready-made would have resulted in a re-make in any case.

ooobop circle skirt

Emergency circle skirt

There’s a lot of tutorials out there for circle skirts, not least of all Casey’s recent circle skirt sew-along, which I completely didn’t have time to follow along with, but in my head I have been rehearsing a way of making my own version for some time. Does anyone else do that?

I had a stash of red polka dot. I forget what it was originally destined for but it was bound to be good for something! And funnily enough I had a stash of netting too. I’m determined to make myself a petticoat one day. But I must say that after my wrestle with a floor load of the stuff, that project might have dropped down the list!

ooobop circle skirt

Amazing how well behaved the netting looks here!

It’s not rocket science to make one of these and it does make good use of maths which all children must wonder what the ‘H’ good is that going to do for them when they grow up! So I’m glad to put this little old formula to use: ‘Gladder’ still that I even remember it, even with my crusty old memory!

circumference formula

Bring back memories?!

I regret I didn’t get time to take in-progess photos but I will be making a follow up post on how to make a circle skirt, the ooobop! way, with diagrams, later on, but first I must make a mad dash to Miss Bella’s house as she is off to dress rehearsal. I’m hoping to get some feedback and photos of the lovely MIss Bella in full costume on stage in February. She will be fabulous for sure!


15 thoughts on “Circle skirt for ‘The Producers’

  1. You did a beautiful job! This brings back memories of the first circle skirt my mother made for me. It was a leopard print worn with a black sweater. I was 12 or 13 years old, still a skinny tomboy, and totally unappreciative of all her work. Oops, now I feel guilty.

    • Oh how fab…. leopard print circle skirt! I too was really unappreciative of my mum’s work. Which is why she taught me how to sew, so she didn’t have to sew for me any more!

  2. I have this overwhelming sense that you just passed some kind of level test and there ought to be a name for it. I mean, you made a skirt from your own design based on just reading about others, you had the right fabric in your stash AND the net, and you got it done super fast. That is four pretty impressive ‘competencies’ all brought together into a competency called…er competency? hehehe.
    If you were in a computer game, I reckon some music would sound, a door would open with light spilling forth and a scroll saying CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE REACHED LEVEL 6 or some such thing would occur.
    Keep using the Force, Oobop Skywalker… 😉

    • That just put a huge smile on my face MrsC. How dreadfully kind of you to say such things!!! Ooobop Skywalker…lol… will have to have that in mind on a rubbish day, then nothing will go wrong!!

  3. Gorgeous skirt! I’m totally loving those polka dots. 🙂

    I hear you about the netting though – I had plans of making several petticoats in different lengths and fluffinesses for myself. After trying one, I’m not sure I’m game enough to do another – that’s one type of fabric you pretty much have to wrestle into submission. Repeatedly. Argh!

  4. Thanks Kat. Polka dots just make everything right! But oh yes….bloomin’ netting!!! I tried rolling it into a sausage to cut it even but ended up winging it and trimming it to the hem of the skirt when it was finished!

  5. It is so adorable! I love a good circle skirt, they are so much fun to wear. Hey I took some photos of the back of my polka dot dress but I can’t seem to find your contact details anywhere, can you send me an email so I can send you the photos?

  6. I can see how NOT making a resolution could be a pretty effective strategy. i.e. resolve to take things as they come. . . like the need for this skirt, which you responded to with great resourcefulness both in terms of skilz (math and sewing) and stash.

    • Thank you Sigrid. Yes I think to make a N Y resolution would have meant adding extra stress and as you can see I get all sorts of my own challenges to deal with!

  7. Real cute, I love the polka dots!😃
    Personally, I rather like the hoop-skirt (had to get massive doorways made so I could fit) and wear my handiwork around the house!

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