ooobop! review: Burda Style February 2012

burda style feb 2012 cover

Sometimes its good to judge a book by the cover!

One might think that given my day job as a designer who works mostly in publishing, that I would have read the cover lines before I grabbed this issue off the shelf and literally ran to the checkout desk!

I am doing a bad job of hiding my disappointment BUT I am not going to cast an unnecessary slur on my beloved Burda, which I have been faithfully purchasing, every month, for over a year now. For there are always without fail at least 4 or 5 patterns which I would definitely bookmark for future and sometimes instant projects. And at a cover price of ยฃ4.75 that’s a bargain in my book.

I do like a fitted dress and I really must get round to making a couple of LBD’s and I think both these dresses (1&2) would be great. Nothing too fancy. Ability to dress up or down. Relatively simple to put together and easy enough to line. Not sure about the yellow or beige in version 1b, would probably exchange for red and grey, but this one illustrates how it is constructed. A fitted pencil skirt (3) is a good wardrobe staple too and this one is constructed the same as dress 1.

burda style feb 2012 likes

Burda Style February 2012 issue: likes

Little Miss Ooobop! is seven and a half (so I am constantly reminded) and definitely at an age that requires her approval before I waste my time on sewing anything for her. She hasn’t seen these yet and would, without shadow of a doubt give a bit thumbs down without hesitation or even waiting for an explanation on how much cooler they would look in a different fabric. Actually who am I trying to kid? She would hate them, however I dressed it up…. but I think they are quite cute:

Burda Style February 2012 kids

Burda Style February 2012: kids

Now I have tried to be fair and I have thought long and hard… but nope… I’m afraid I can’t see a gap in my wardrobe for these little beauties, as much as I love that fashionable orange colour!

burda style february2012 dislikes

Burda Style February 2012: dislikes

And in this instance I will be giving the Asian look a miss…

Burda Style Feb 2012: Asian style

Burda Style Feb 2012: Asian style

Though if it makes you feel this good . . .

Burda Style Feb 2012: asian

Burda Style Feb 2012: Sexy Asian look!

Never one to wish my life away, but roll on March issue… before I lose the faith!

27 thoughts on “ooobop! review: Burda Style February 2012

  1. I agree with you. I bought it only for the cool seaming on that dress and skirt. There is a cute dress in the plus section too that I might redraft in my size.

  2. I did think of redrafting the plus size ones. I agree there are some cuties going on. In particular style 132 (pink lace) and 134 (taupe duchesse with bow). But alas I’m not sure my pattern drafting skills are up to that just yet!

  3. Thanks for the review. I have just bought the January one so I look forward to this one. I agree with you that even if there is only one pattern you like it is worth the cover price. I like the grey dress and the yellow pencil skirt so it will be worth it for that. Hmm the black point on the yellow, black and grey dress is in an interesting position!

  4. Burda is all subliminal, isn’t it!! Actually I bought me a Burda pattern over Christmas – not the mag, but first pattern purchase for own wearing in…15+ years?! My size, my detestation of most of what is put out under the plus size banner and my ability to draft my own put paid to it, but I found a pattern that is exactly a top I had in my head to draft one day and it was just one too many complications for the tiny space in my head reserved for things I wear myself (I tend to expend my energy on other sewing projects instead). So, to me they are currently on the big UP!
    PS Is the last lass thinking about totty, or about when she last ate anything other than a tictac?

    • I think its about time that Plus sizes get some fashionable options and the ones in this issue defo get my seal of approval. Its a good nudge to me to get some drafting skills under my belt. Interesting when the boot is on the other foot! Lol… that last picture had me in stitches. I think the camera crew must have been having a right laugh!

  5. It’s funny but I really love what I’ve seen of this issue – and am terribly frustrated because my subscription hasn’t arrived yet! Whether I actually get round to making anything from it remains to be seen though. Still I’m glad they have lots of variety.

    • I must admit, I was pretty surprised when I saw it so early on the shelves this month. I should really subscribe too because it would save me hassling store assistants on a regular basis! It’s like an addiction! I’ve just got to have it every month. The variety is there for sure. I should really post pictures of the plus size stuff too because there were some gorgeous dresses in that section.

  6. Ha, love your review! It’s better than the terrible last issue though. All I remember from leafing through it in the newsagents is that it had a giant carrot costume (adult sized!!). I can’t really see an occasion where I’d be thinking about sewing a massive vegetable outfit, so I gave the Dec issue a miss. I do like the skirt and the dress in this month’s, also the trousers are a good shape for me so I’ll probably be attempting those…

    Also, I LOVE the little girl’s coat in this issue, wish it came in adult sizes!

  7. Okay! You are hilarious!!’ I am signing up for your blog!! I too thought the same way about this edition of the burdastyle mag- usually it does not disappoint… I get this mag in the mail and it came before I left for a holiday.. So it was something to kill time in an airport- I ran into one of my sewing heroes at the airport ( gretchen from and she desired something to read- usually I am quite protective over these mags like chocolate- but this one I gave up to her with no desire to replace.. I get it….. There just wasn’t anything that I related to!!! Have a great Sunday!

  8. LOL so funny! That last photo is definitely…. questionable LOL.
    I don’t subscribe to/buy BurdaStyle mags because I find the sizing really difficult to understand – I’m used to the oddities of the Big Four, but this beats even them…

    is it me or is ‘plus’ sizing getting smaller and smaller? The “plus” size doesn’t look very “plus” to me – i bet you could draft a couple sizes smaller no problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The way to make kids like what you sew is to sew for other people’s kids and watch they ooh and ah as their kids twirl around in their fancy new handmade threads (and then go-“oh you like that? I just didn’t think it was your style otherwise I’d have made you one..”).

  10. I used to pick up a Burda pattern magazine each month at Borders, but our Borders stopped carrying them several years ago. (Of course, there are no Borders now.) Where do you get your issue?

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