Quilts and ghosts….

The Art of Quilting

The Art of Quilting

My lovely neighbour saw this publication advertised and bought two subscriptions… one for herself and one for me! I panicked at the prospect of being able to fit in a bit of quilting along with everything else, but in fact its proved to be such a lovely thing to do with Little Miss Ooobop! and it has resulted in some proper old-fashioned quality time together. She was so keen to get started and quickly decided on the cushion cover to make for her room.

double four patch

double four patch

So these are our first ‘double 4 patch’ blocks. See, I didn’t even know that there were such names for different patterns, that’s how much I know about quilting! She is determined to eliminate all pink from her bedroom right now and had already hunted through the fabric stash box to find blues and purples. I am secretly happy about this because I was loving the lime green Brighton Pavillion fabric that came with the first issue! And so I am embarking on the quilt… ha ha…. the idea that I will ever finish a quilt is so funny but worth a try hey? Incidentally can you see how LMO’s block is correct and mine is quite clearly wrong? No? Oh good, well let’s move on then!

I gave LMO the option of sewing on the machine or by hand and she already had in mind that we would sit together and sew by hand. I hid my grimace as best I could but I have to say it has proved to be such a lovely thing to do together. Her stitching is so neat for a 7 year old and I love that we are both learning on the job, so to speak!

double four patch

double four patch, reverse

I made hundreds of little hexagons when I was around her age, some of which turned into ‘flowers’ but none of which evolved into a quilt. I think it’s quite funny that the ‘ghost of the quilting past’ has reared his pretty head again! Clearly he won’t rest until I have made one!

28 thoughts on “Quilts and ghosts….

  1. Oh you will never regret it! Quilts build from components like blocks so there’s always an end point to underscore achievement. Couple of tips for next time – press the seams to one side most definitely as it puts less strain on the hand stitching, but always press it towards the darkest colour, as the dark colour can show through a lighter one. And when you come to the quilting part, even if you aren’t using a batting, if your machine has a walking foot I would use it. In fact I love mine so much I use it on most things. 🙂 Quilting the block to a backing fabric by hand or machine will give the patchwork extra strength. 🙂
    Little MissC is 12 now and loves sewing with me when she is here, and my friends have daughters around LMO’s age who also love to do ‘sewing stuff’. I want them all to learn how to sew and make and use their judgement and experiment with their style and all of that fabulous stuff. It makes me so very happy that Mums are still doing that stuff, even super busy working ones 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement and tips MrsC. I’m sure I will be in need of it as I go along! I can see how important it is to pass this skill on. I am so grateful to my mum for teaching me and I already feel bad for not teaching my eldest daughter… she would buy a new outfit rather than sew on a button! She might use some double sided sticky tape to fix a hem though!

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  15. oh my goodness! I have that same happy home sewing kit. It was my grandmum’s and is a little worse for wear. not too bad though for being 40 some odd years old! …thanks for liking my post!

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