Snuggly stripy skirt!

As I dutifully hung the next laundry load on the clothes airer this afternoon I noticed my A-line wool-blend pinstripe mini skirt that I made last September. I didn’t remember washing that recently. Mr Ooobop! must have done…. uh oh…no… really? Lets just say it might now fit a small child! Bless him but grrrrr….!

It was my favourite go-to skirt for work, pub and well anything really. I don’t have many of those, especially ones that fit that well, so you can quite understand how I came close to a complete paddy! Luckily for him, Mr Ooobop! is working away in Gibraltar at the moment, and is blissfully unaware of his crime.

Well… this discovery proved to be a bit of a revelation. I felt pain at the prospect of buying a replacement and realised that I haven’t in fact bought a new item of clothing in nearly a year. And the truth is I don’t intend to anytime soon. I might have made a resolution to refrain from other people’s challenges, but that doesn’t count my own. And so the woolly glove was down:

2.25 hours to make a replacement skirt with half a metre of woolly fabric, hemmed and finished to wear for Monday morning… and here it is!

snuggly stripy skirt

Snuggly stripy skirt

The fabric, from Ditto, is the loveliest, softest Italian wool mix ever. It is 95% wool and 5% polyester.  It is a medium-weight double layer fabric with a slightly brushed finish woven horizontal stripe in navy and red highlighted with yellow and green. The backing is a fine twill weave in a blue/black which meant, best of all that it didn’t need lining…. hoorah!

I had bought half a meter on my last trip to Brighton, thinking I could get the same skirt out of vertical stripes (I was scared of the horizontal stripe) but I really and truly miscalculated how much I needed to do it that way round! And so it has sat in the stash waiting its fate. Waiting to be an even better version of the last, so it turns out!

invisible zip and matching stripes

Very nearly matching up stripes either side of the zipper!

It’s clearly not the most imaginative of garments and really there is nothing much to report on the construction, save a little tapering at the bottom this time, and redrafted facings, it is so simple. I do so adore those horizontal darts on the front. I relished the confidence I had in knowing what I wanted and that I could actually achieve it in given time. I love the fact that I used pretty much every last bit of the fabric. I absolutely love love love, how cosy and soft it is…and I think the stripes, contrary to my fear, look fab horizontally! What thinks you?

P.S. Apologies for the unimaginative photos. As I said, Mr Ooobop! is away in Gibraltar!

25 thoughts on “Snuggly stripy skirt!

  1. gorgeous new fabric. My husband has been banned from laundering ANY of my clothing. Too many tears after whites turned into grey, pink or blue rags and wools and silks in ruins.

  2. Awww poor Mr. Ooobop. I’m glad you know he meant well. You could always recycle the skirt into a hat right? The new skirt looks lovely too. And that was super fast.

    • Ha ha… now you’ve got me thinking! It’s so much harder throwing something away that you made. It will have to be recycled into something but I can’t see the hat, yet!

  3. ooh i like how matching the stripes are across the zip. little details make such a big difference, no? and what joy to use up practically all of any piece of fabric!

  4. Looks great! Can the shrunk skirt be revamped in any way? I really like the stripe colours, don’t you just love Ditto! I have come very, very close to wrecking my new year’s resolution not to buy any fabric until Sewing for Pleasure in March because of Ditto Fabrics!

  5. It is lovely and the tiniest hint of turquoise in it is really beautiful!!! It’s great when you can envision something that you would really like to wear and sew it!!! Great talent to have gal. Fire your launderer!!! Just kidding! My hubby does our laundry too and like to turn all the whites blue on occasion!! It’s fabulous!!!

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