Peggy Pickles Pillowcase Post…

What a great post on Peggy Pickle’s blog this morning. Lots of lovely images showing the children of Great Mercy school and orphanage, western Kenya, wearing their pillowcase dresses. Alison did such a fab job organising this and a lot of fun was had in the making and embellishing of them. I have so enjoyed following her progress and seeing what a difference it makes.

I really wasn’t expecting to see any of the few that I made among the hundreds that were made and shipped but to my surprise, peeking out from the back row, 2nd in from the left, I do believe that’s one that I embellished at the Pillowcase Embellishment party.

pink pillowcase dress

pink bows

Dead chuffed to see it in situ and so very glad to have played my tiny part in this fabulous project. Well done Peggy Pickles. You are a star!

14 thoughts on “Peggy Pickles Pillowcase Post…

  1. Fabulous!!! Don’t they look great too! I am hoping to have a weekly session for sewists to come to my new shop and studio and make pillow case dresses for this cause. SO inspiring. But to see your handiwork at the other end of the process like that, must be lovely!! 🙂

    • That’s a wonderful idea. It was such a wonderful way to spend an evening. A lot of the ladies had absolutely no sewing experience and they still created lovely designs and we all had such a giggle.

  2. Well done with your project, it’s great to see so many people who care. Do you know about Versatile Blogger Award? I was passed on the award and I have nominated your fabulous blog for the award. If you are interested in it, please visit my blog to see the rules to follow. Keep it up, love your posts.

  3. Really awesome ladies…. so rewarding to create something that has far more value than the cost of creating it I imagine. Nice.

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