ooobop! review: Burda Style May 2012

I think I’m about to get very boring! This post carries a ‘LENGTHY’ warning! If you look forward to an element of surprise in your monthly Burda magazine, then look away now. I am about to seriously feature and ‘favourite’ just about half the mag this time!!

burda may 2012 cover

First up is an out fit that has ‘make me!’ written all over it! This skirt is just one pattern piece and the fact that its make from jersey means no zip and no buttons and no lining… are you sharing my enthusiasm?!!

burda may 2012 retro outfit

The blouse is so cool too. I love the three-quarter sleeves and in particular the no show button placket. So vintage, so modern and so classy all at the same time. Both these items are part of the retro section which I so hope is maintained each issue.

Trouser suits are not normally my bag but I love the simple lines of this pool party attire…

burda may 2012 retro trouser suit

This top (below) has not been displayed to its best advantage. It is a little retro button back top from embroidered batiste, dyed tangerine orange! I think three or more of these would be essential to my wardrobe, perhaps with the addition of a Peter Pan collar on one or two of the versions!

burda may 2012 retro top

I might give the Marylin skirt a miss though. Bit too girly for me.

Just when I thought my little gypsy tops were easy makes, this little top looks to be a winner too, though I’m not a fan of this particular choice of appliqué. Would be a lovely addition to the holiday suitcase. I really like the style of the shorts too but a bit worried about the attention seeking design touch in the belly area!

burda may 2012 retro shorts

Here’s a couple of classy little retro dresses too…

burda may 2012 retro dress 2

burda may 2012 retro dress

‘Tropical’ normally conjures up bad nightmares of Hawaiin shirts and nasty long shorts but there were some pleasant surprises in this section, even for me! First up, the Latin Lady dress in stretch satin. I’m not sure I could personally carry this off but it would look fabulous on my eldest daughter. The hem of the ruffle is shaped with boning tape and once again, for the easy project searchers out there, this one has no zipper and an elastic waist.

burda may 2012 tropical dress

Most of the other Tropical style garments were variations of other themes and to be honest, the themes were a little overshadowed by the tropical prints but I do rather fancy this top. Another easy way out, I know but a great casual jersey top all the same.

burda may 2012 easy top

Just look at the draped back on this beauty (below). Not long ago I bought some wine-coloured silk velvet from my friend’s mum who was moving house and having a sort out. I have been waiting for a pattern that justifies the luxuriousness and I think I just found it!

burda may 2012 vintage dress

The mind boggles how those little bowed shoulder straps sit perfectly positioned at all times. There’s a little concern that I would end up with the top section round my waist!

Tennis-style is next up. And I’m not renowned for my sporting abilities so I’m afraid there was little appeal for me with the ‘white-stuff’ but not a complete ‘dis’. I’m not sure how anyone would manage a game of tennis in this skirt but it is very lovely all the same! I think it would sit better in the office or propping up a West end bar with a cocktail in place of the racket!

burda may 2012 sport skirt

I love this little top too. Incredibly simple and crisp and versatile. And the magazine includes a step-by-step beginner’s sewing lesson for this one.

burda may 2012 sport top

Now I have thought long and hard about this ‘corset’ belt. A strange little accessory for sure and one I feel would look better with a pencil skirt to add a bit of detail. Worn with these strides it just looks to me like she is wearing cut out pants on top!

burda may 2012 corset belt

There’s a great Holiday section too which included a dress and a skirt that I like very much. The dress has a really flattering neckline and would be good for day or evening wear. Its made from jersey so perfect for stuffing in a suitcase too!

burda may 2012 jersey dress

I think you would have to pack your travel iron if you packed this skirt but it would certainly be worth it. It is described as a ‘beach skirt’ but I think it’s far too good for that! I love the shaped waistband and the deep pleats

burda may 2012 beach skirt

I think Burda is seriously trying to prove a point with their plus fasions . . . mostly that a plus-size shape is infinitely more sexy than standard size. I have so changed my desire to be stick thin since Burda has started publishing the loveliest patterns in plus size and am now seriously hoping my chocolate and cheese fix goes straight to my hips!

And I will no longer sulk at the prospect of the patterns being too big because Burda has kindly supplied instructions to decrease and increase pattern sizes. It’s not rocket science and I kind of knew how anyway but I seemed to absorb the info much more readily this time round, spurred on by the the prospect of the following designs.

Just look at this dress!

burda may 2012 plus dress

And this one with its asymmetric wrapped look with refined pleats at the left side seam…

burda may 2012 plus dress 2

And this one…

burda may 2012 peasant dress

…which incidentally was an idea I was considering following my gypsy top make. I just wasn’t sure how to go about making it into a dress… but I now have a pattern… and the no how to make the pattern to my size!!!

And this ensemble…

burda may 2012 ensemble

In hindsight, I think it helps that they are all black. To me, dresses always look sexier in black. But I’m pretty sure you will be with me on the overall sexiness of them all!

Every now and then, Burda serves up some real cutie pie stuff for children. I flashed some of these pictures under the snobby nose of Little Miss Ooobop! and even she approves! Its a shame that she has grown two sizes bigger then the largest but thanks to those handy instructions I should have no probes grading them up!

burda may 2012 childrens section

I think the red gingham look is a real selling point on all these outfits but chambray, polka dots and stripes would all do the same in achieving maximum gorgeousness!

burda may 2012 childrens outfits

Now normally I am blinded by the clothes patterns and skip over the little side articles about upcycling, recycling, and crafting but there are some gems in this issue:

How about using mens’ shirt-sleeves for straps on a dress or a top and a t-shirt combined to make this skirt…

burda may 2012 upcyle

And some gorgeous photography brings new meaning to scented bags…

burda may 2012 star bags

This is just a sneak peak at what is going on in May’s issue. I hope it has inspired you as much as it has me. There really is lots more and to be fair this is purely a pick of my faves. I’m going to have to wrap it up here, mostly because my scanner has overheated… and there’s a possibility I might also get in trouble for completely reproducing this issue!

27 thoughts on “ooobop! review: Burda Style May 2012

  1. Look here woman… I literally JUST YESTERDAY got the April issue you made me want (and which I ordered off eBay for a dear price because I couldn’t find it anywhere here LOL), and now you’re making me want this one too! You evil temptress! LOL

  2. I’m not yet a ‘Burda person’ probably cause it scares me a little, but your post has made my want to jump up and go get this issue…like now! I’m so impressed with this issue’s retro yet modern designs…lovely!

  3. yup! It’s a good one! I got mine 2 days ago- Burdastyle didn’t let me down this time. The hard part is going to be deciding which things to sew!!! It’s a good problem to have! 🙂

    • Brill! It is a good problem to have but I’m going to have to be a good girl and finish some stuff up before I embark on those beauties. Great incentive though!

  4. That Apres Sun dress is gorgeous!!!!! I hope you make one so I can see it!
    I keep considering subscribing to Burda Style but I have to figure out how to alter patterns to fit first.Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Ooooh. This post only exacerbates my mail-box watching habit…[drumming-fingers-on-desk-looking-out-front-window]. Now I’m REALLY looking forward to the May issue. Esp like the jersey one-pattern piece skirt!

  6. Right that’s it, I’m off to the newsagent right now to get my copy. That jersey dress is gorgeous. I also normally prefer the plus size patterns, for some reason the designers at Burda never unleash their full craziness on the better-endowed ladies. No trousers with ankle frills for them! This issue looks full of loveliness though.

  7. I heart these posts of yours! I never used to buy Burda, but now I do. Haven’t made anything yet though – oops! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one now. And on a side note, isn’t it strange that that gorgeous slim model in all the sexy black dresses is ‘plus’ size…

  8. Mine just arrived and I agree it’s a really good one this time. I like the gathered jersey dress (and for a wonder it’s the Tall pattern) and that white pencil skirt in the tennis story. And there are two dresses in the plus section I’d go for as well, although I’m probably much too lazy to grade them.

  9. I get Burda updates through my email, but it was nice to see the pictures all strung out like this… the black outfits are classy, but I think my favorites are the creamy whites with very simple lines.

    • Ooo… that’s interesting. How do I go about getting Burda updates through Email? Do you get them much in advance of the magazine? Thank you so much for stopping by to comment 🙂

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