ooobop! review: Burda Style June 2012

burda June 2012 magazineI guess we were spoilt rotten with last month’s gems so much so that  the June 2012 issue of Burda Style seems a little anticlimactic. (lol… I didn’t realise it was spelt like that!) I have studied each page again and again, determined that I have missed some goodies but they are not popping off the page I’m afraid. I don’t ever want to be negative about my beloved Burda magazine because of course what’s ‘sauce for the goose…’ and all that.

It opens up with some funky beach attire. I guess I’m finding it a little hard to relate to this kind of get up whilst my heating is on and the rain is splattering on my window. The little girl’s tunic is quite sweet, though better in the plain white fabric… and I like the bag!

burda June 2012 beach attire

burda June 2012 white tunic

Cute little kini too and I this dress would make a very easy beach cover-up,

burda June 2012 bikini and dress

Almost every issue features a fashion designer and this month all eyes are on Luisa Beccaria and the Floral Dream dress. I’m not sure this is quite my style and I don’t fancy my chances at all those little pleats, but it certainly is a very pretty floaty and flattering dress, made all the more elegant in crepe chiffon and georgette.

burda June 2012 Beccaria

What I will say is that this issue is hot on textures and layers of gorgeous fabrics, some of which I have never heard of! The wild west section displays some fine examples:

‘A chiffon skirt adds elegance to a pure batiste dress, then a separate lace top brings a touch of glamour’ Great with the leather boots too.

burda June 2012 white dress

‘Enchanting linen lawn with an embroidered border, sweet 3/4 sleeves and ruffles on the skirt.’

burda June 2012 white dress 2

Loving this pretty little top but more likely to create it in black… blame the goth roots!

burda June 2012 white top

Now despite my lack of enthusiasm, this jacket means that everything else in the mag could be rubbish for all I care. This is right up my street. Shapely, quirky, yet timeless and classic all at the same time and I love how the buttons run down at an angle. Fabric suggestion is of Linen twill. Not come across this before and I have a sneaking feeling I wont find it in the Goldhawk Road either but I will find something similar. Something with good complimentary colour choices so the inside is as good as the outside.

burda June 2012 jacket

jacket diagram

There are of course always, the strange pieces that beg the question…

burda June 2012 fringed waistcoat

burda June 2012 bubble skirt

The shorty that I am can only dream of wafting around in floaty maxi dresses but in reality they would only serve to ridicule me. Im not sure I’ve got enough up top to hold up that halter either, but check out the back of this dress. Pippa Middleton, eat your heart out!

burda June 2012 maxi dress

I skipped the Pink and Grey section as an overdose in sweetness. So not me…

… and arrived at the City Lights! More up my street. stronger lines, bolder colours but still a little shapeless. Would be good on a ‘bloaty day’ though!

burda June 2012 black dress

Theres a detailed sewing lesson for the red dress.

burda June 2012 red dress

I’ve been on the lookout for some simple top designs for a good few months and I think I might have found it here. Still shapeless though and would need tucking in for it to be flattering… so I guess I’m still looking!

burda June 2012 blue top

The waistline on that skirt…. the mind boggles sometimes!!

Digging the simplicity of this LBD but I think I am a bit delusional to even consider this an option for my present shape, even on a non-bloaty day!

burda June 2012 lbd

This top is a variation on the red dress. Bit eighties for me but I do like the mini wrap skirt

burda June 2012 mini wrap skirt

and this sixties revival number is a strong possibility, though I may be inclined to ditch the pleats.

burda June 2012 sixties dress

Now this next dress could be really hot on the right figure. Just don’t forget your fashion/lingerie tape…. tit tape to the lay person! It’s made from crèpe satin in the picture and sports a beautiful godet at the back of the skirt too.

burda June 2012 sexy dress

Now usually the plus section has me stroking the pages with envy and a grouching for not having sufficient grading skills, but even these didn’t oooze their usual pzazz.

burda June 2012 plus size

Not to worry. The jackets in the bag! And there is always, so totally, a next issue to look forward to!

19 thoughts on “ooobop! review: Burda Style June 2012

  1. Having become recently enamored with BurdaStyle (not the least of which is at your influence), I’ve been continuing my search for a local shop that carries it, still to no avail. So to some degree, I’m kind of glad this issue is somewhat of a bust because otherwise my heart would break knowing it could not be mine LOL.

    I have to say, I really dislike the plethora of shapeless garments they tend to showcase – they look fabulous on the drinking straw-shaped models but I cannot pull off sack-wearing, even if it is a sack made of incredibly expensive fabric (they do know how to tempt a girl).

    I must say, I would make that halter dress in a heartbeat – that there is one garment I KNOW i can rock!! LOL.

  2. Ha ha… you are absolutely right about the temptation of the fabric. I realise I’ve been duped even with the few I picked out!! I usually buy two copies, one for my mum. But this time, I just got the one for the collection and to satisfy my shameless addiction!

  3. I love reading your Burda mag review. We don’t get the UK version here on the shelves in OZ so I have to order it online and I have set up some notifications from those suppliers to let me know when a new issue is out. Today I was excited to see that a new issue had been released and ecstatic when a bit further into catching up on my emails I saw your review. I am with you though it was not as exciting as the last two issues but like you I suspect I will be purchasing it just for the Jacket which I love! Thank you for doing the review on every issue, it does help me make and informed decision.

  4. I’m seeing a lot to like in there. I agree the jacket is the pick of the issue but the maxi dress and the red dress appeal too. My copy’s not arrived yet though. Oh the frustration!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your review Janene and although my copy is yet to arrive in Australia, I am not sure I am that excited about it coming. I must agree with you, that jacket does look very nice and I may give that a go. I have a lovely piece of heavy stone coloured linen waiting to be made up. I will look forward to seeing what you make. All the best, Marjorie (schnui)
    PS: You can have a subscription with Burda and have the magazines posted direct to your home. I have been doing this for nearly 10 years. They arrive in Australia about a week into the month of that particular issue.

  6. Hello – I’m going to stop lurking! I’ve just subscried and my copy will be here in a week or two. I have to admit I love the jacket, the red dress and the maxi too. The TT (tit tape) dress is gorgeous but would need some serious modification for me as I’d feel very very exposed! I love reading your reviews and have to admit it was a big sway on the subscription (as well as the fact I’m out in the sticks and it means a special trip to get a copy!).

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