ooobop! review: Burda Style September 2012

burda magazine september 2012

I seem to be a bit light on ‘likes’ in this month’s issue of Burda Style magazine. But I’m not grousing. There is certainly enough inspiration to be getting on with. For starters, the cover photo presents this lovely lace dress. Slightly fitted at the waist with those deep curved darts that are mostly to be seen on vintage patterns.

burda magazine september 2012

Giant dogtooth print is something I most definitely want to seek out after seeing this dress.

giant dogtooth dress

I can totally see myself in this dress. Never fancied a Mod parker (which also features) or even slotted into the Mod scene to be honest but I do approve of the above and the following ensemble. It too is made of giant dogtooth print by the looks of it…. but in wool velour… how lush would that be?!

jumper and skirt

I’m not so sure about the light brown version of this top (below). Much prefer it in the crazy jersey print but loving the contrasting shoulder yokes. It closes at the back with a small loop fastener which would be cute. A great top that doesn’t look too tricky to make and perfect for those days when you don’t want to think too much about what to wear. Might give the ‘ankle flappers’ a miss though

tops with shoulder yokes

Now I havent ever entertained the world of shiny crazy satin dresses but I think the following dress is all I need to get started. I love the empire waistline, the contrasting black bands and the way its been overall styled with leggings and substantial heels. Yes I do believe I could strut my stuff in this dress as confidently as she can!

huge impact dress

If I had the bod, I would certainly go for this ‘Matrix’ style dress. That tiny leather bolero adds a lovely ‘don’t mess with me’ touch!

power dress

I love that there is always a vintage inclusion. But not 100% sure if I’m in love with this one. That particular 1950s silhouette is all that condones bad posture. So slouchy and round shouldered. Nope, not for me.

vintage suit

But this one is far better. Everything about it. The double breastedness, the check, the contrasting collar, pocket flaps and sleeve bands on this box jacket. I love the skirt it’s paired with but it would look equally good paired with a pair of jeans (not that I wear them) or any other classic styled skirt.

box jacket and skirt

I think the following dress is more geared for the ‘Twiggy’ figures among us but I’d quite happily give it a shot. Cute shirtwaist dress with Peter pan collar, teamed with some solid tights and boots. Yep. Like it!

shirt waist dress

Perhaps with a control body and a few days of fasting I might be able to carry off this gorgeous number! British designer Matthew Williamson is the designer and inspiration for this dress. Overcut shoulders, intriguing seam lines and… wait for it…. incorporated front pockets too!! As the mag says: ‘this sexy style leaves no fashion wishes unfulfilled’!

matthew williamson dress

As always there is always one or two sexy plus size patterns. And this one is my September favourite. It is perhaps a little too ‘Milk Maid’ but I think that could be rectified by removal of the frills at the end of the sleeves… simples!

milk maid dress

And just to round up, gorgeous things for little girls, as always:

little girl section

Being short on ‘likes’ is probably a good thing for me this month. I’m really struggling to find the time to sew over the holidays. Well, that is finding time to sew things for me! But I hope to post news of Mr Ooobop’s new shirt in the making real soon. Thanks for paging in!

35 thoughts on “ooobop! review: Burda Style September 2012

    • I might possibly have made that up! But I’m sure fabric shops would know what you were talking about if you called it as such! It might be called ‘houndstooth’. Certainly the tiny dogtooth is called ‘puppytooth’… cute eh!!

  1. Reblogged this on juststitchingalong and commented:
    I love Burda Style Magazine! I just received my issue this morning, I am all over this dress on the cover! It will be one of my next couture dresses to work on! So Excited, especially because it saves me the step of marking the stitching lines on all the pattern pieces, ROCK ON!

    • I used to hate that there was no seam allowance marked on the Burda patterns but now, when I am experimenting more and grading pieces I have found that they are far better to work with.

  2. I LOOVE that black/grey mod number… that is so wearable to me! Let’s cross our fingers that they pick that one to post on the website cause I want to make it!! (and I STILL haven’t found anyone who sells the mag here!) I also like that satiny dress with the contrast black banding – though it would probably be more wearable and flattering in a lightweight crepe πŸ™‚

    I really approve of how BurdaStyle seem to be including a lot more fitted looks and utilizing darts in their newer patterns; I was getting disenchanted with all the boxy tent shapes ^__^

    • Seeing how you look in your Bombshell dress it would be a crime to consider anything less than fitted on you! Those little shift dresses look dead easy too. Though I will hold that thought. Things aren’t always what they seem in Burda Land!

      • You’re too sweet, thank you! ^__^ So right, though – I look like a total frump in anything less than fitted LOL. Gotta love something that looks easy but isn’t LOL – I have good experiences in Burda Land so far, but yes, I’ll hold my tongue too, because that’s usually how I jinx myself! haha!

  3. I love your BurdaStyle reviews too! If you find any of that giant houndstooth fabric, can you let us know? (I don’t think we’d run into each other wearing it….unless you’re planning a visit Down Under…)

    • I’ve yet to do a search of my local fabric shops. My children are on holiday and it’s their worst nightmare! But I will certainly pass on any results I find online!

  4. It is an excellent issue. And I have the perfect piece of wool for that checked jacket we both like. Must make a note of the design, because by next winter I’ll have forgotten!

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean, Gail. Its the main reason for me blogging these reviews. I keep every issue but soon forget what treasures live in each one. πŸ™‚

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  6. Thanks for reminding me I’ve got to get my Burda. I love the big slinky dresses. Great on days when you don’t feel skinny. And, I’m finishing up a pencil skirt, but it isn’t has sexy as the Bruda pic. Maybe I’m not posing right. πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve been saving your post until my copy arrived! I really like this month’s issue; I think the Mathew Williamson dress is my favourite although the one you called Matrix style is a close second. You could totally pull off either of those.

    I’m a bit torn on the Twiggy shirt dress. I like it on the model but not sure how it would translate into real life.

  8. lol… how funny. I was very close to mentioning in my post how you would best carry off both those dresses. I felt a bit presumptive but feel quite smug now that great minds think alike!! I think you might be right about the Twiggy dress too!

  9. OMFG, how did I miss this! I love that lace dress and I LOVE your previews/reviews of BS magazines! So, keep up the good work. I should just subscribe already πŸ˜›

    • lol… I do wonder sometimes if I am boring readers with my Burda obsession but lovely to hear that you share my joy! You really should subscribe. The cover price is great for the number of patterns that are included but with your pattern drafting experience it would also serve as damn fine inspiration πŸ™‚

  10. Just wanted to say thank you for doing your reviews of the magazine each month. It really helps me know whether I might want it and if it’ll be worth a trek to find it. Now the French site no longer carries the pics you’re our main source of info πŸ™‚

  11. Your reviews are so good! I am buying my magazines used online and I just look up your review to see if it is a no or a go! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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