ooobop! review: Burda Style October 2012

burda october 2012

Octobers issue of Burda Style presents many a contrasting style with some drastic variations on a theme. Lots of snuggly autumnal makes, some very stylish shapes and of course the usual couple of red herrings that make you wonder if you’ve missed the point!

First up are the pastels. Not my bag really. Far too girly and considerably more suited to the fairer beauties among us. But the fifties-style-cuts are always a winner.

On first glance this purple dress doesn’t look dissimilar to many that Burda has published before but then I noticed the bodice has side fronts for princess seams AND darts at the waist. Not sure about the point of that. And also I am really not sure about all the gathers being concentrated at the belly of the skirt. I have tried this before and really, it’s not a good look on me! Pretty though.

burda october 2012 purple dress

This lurex t-shirt is an easy little number. And there is a great step by step tutorial for it too. I quite like the subtle shimmery look but not how it’s styled here. Gathering issues again!

burda october 2012 lurex top

This next dress could be really stylish in the right fabric. It has “reversed pleats that open at the waist to release the fullness of the skirt.” Far classier than gathers!

burda october 2012 cocktail dress

Now as I sit here shivering, holding out from turning on the central heating, for the first time this year, I can imagine being wrapped up in this gorgeous mohair jacket. I love the asymmetric draped collar. It doesn’t look to be that complicated either… no lining… and unfinished hems… though in real life I might not be able to leave them as such!

burda october 2012 cashmere coatAnd as luck should have it, I have just inherited some wonderful heavyweight silk which might be a contender for this lovely 50s style coat. It’s not a pastel colour I hasten to add!

burda october 2012 50s coat

Now I can’t decide if I like this dress or not. I don’t mind the high waistline. In fact that look is kind of flattering on me but those bust darts/pleats scare me. Perhaps a softer fabric would make them sit more comfortably. Striking though… all the same.

burda october 2012 dress

I do love a little bouclé jacket and though you can’t see it here, this one has a deep reversed pleat on the back to add swing! Would look better in red or black 😉

burda october 2012 boucle jacket

The ‘Faux Fur’ section delivers all number of snuggly things. This wrap, made of faux mink is genius and sooo incredibly easy. Kind of a lined tube with a horizontal slash within which you put your arms! I would have to make the matching bag too!

burda october 2012 wrap and bag

I will let you be the judge of the remaining furry fellas!

burda october 2012 faux fur coatsThe ‘Refined’ section is just that. Some unusual yet clean lines. Minimilistic styles both modern and classic. This blouse has folded yoke pieces which transform a V-neck blouse into something a little more dramatic. Looks great as styled with a simple A line skirt. Not sure how practical the kangaroo pouch is though!

burda october 2012 blouse

This asymmetric waistcoat looks comfy and pretty simple to make but I’m not too keen on the open neck for some reason. Not the most flattering but it’s got a certain je ne sais quois!

burda october 2012 waistcoat

But this ensemble really does hit the spot. Really flattering. Quirky and comfy and certainly not frumpy. The hip wrap is fascinating. layers of wool, leather and felt. The faux wrap top is made of fine jersey and the pencil trousers are very slim fitting with a side zip which would be a style to tempt someone like me back to wearing trousers. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I did!

hip wrap and trousers

The following two garments incorporate a cowl neckline. which looks a bit half baked to me. Maybe it’s the fabric. Not sure. Doesn’t look intentional enough to me. Could end up looking like a dodgy mistake to the untrained eye!

cowl necklines

Now I love a vintage pattern and I always look forward to this section but this swing coat isn’t my favourite. Looks a bit maternity to me. But I like the sentiment!

vintage swing coat

Oh but this one is…A special designer pattern by Gabriele Strehle. Burda you are spoiling us!

gabriele strehle coat

I’m afraid the plus-section isn’t very imaginative this issue. Not sure what happened here. Previous issues have had stunning plus size dresses so I was a bit disappointed by this section. There were a few goodies though…

burda plus size

Fast forward past some strange toy animal craft to some cute folky styles for kids. Not sure they’d get away with wearing that look in West London but it’s cute all the same!

folklore style for kids

Well I do hope I haven’t come across too negative. I really do appreciate the effort on Burdas part, to break out from the norm with some of the asymmetric styles. Always inspirational and still well worth the cover price.

28 thoughts on “ooobop! review: Burda Style October 2012

  1. Oh I’m jealous I only got the Sept issue yesterday. I love that long 50s coat and the more modern pieces look interesting. I know some stitchers give Burda a hard time but I still think its good value.

  2. That fur wrap number is cool. And I do like the plus size cape – I seem to always be attracted to this look. But – I don’t see that it would be practical at all, how are you supposed to put a bag over your shoulder or anything… Maybe I’m wrong.

    • Didn’t think of that. But then, thinking about it I’m not so sure I factor ‘practical’ into much that I make. Which means as much as I make, I never seem to have anything to wear!!

  3. I’ve been subscribing to Burda since late 2006 and sew like a madwoman. I get pretty much all of my fabrics from (spectacular fabrics!) since i live in a remote arctic location and can’t find any fabrics here except for those to make heavy winter outerwear. I REALLY appreciate the early reviews of Burda; my issue doesn’t usually get here until the end of the month. Sets me dreaming. Ooobop – thanks for a great site. I’ve enjoyed lurking! I’m also keen on the skinny pants this time around.

    • Wow, they are indeed spectacular fabrics! Popped over for a quick look and got kind of hypnotised! And thank you so much for stopping by. I think those skinny pants are going to be quite popular!

  4. I think you were very balanced in your review. This issue looks like one of their hits!!

    Sometimes burda get it so so right…. but! Sometimes they get it soooo wrong with awful patterns and difficult to see photos and lame instructions.
    Did you see the petition link on my blog?

    • Thanks AR. I will happily sign your petition. There is always room for improvement but on the whole I am very happy with the number of patterns to choose from. After all it must be quite difficult to keep the global masses happy! I definitely think a better translation of the instructions is in order though. I have been stumped many a time. There are some great downloadable patterns on their web site, some free, some a nominal charge in my opinion, but I am not a fan of printing out hundreds of A4 sheets to stick together! Much prefer to trace off the spaghetti lines…. crazy person that I am!!

      • I just printed a 50 page pattern out to stick together (-5 points)
        The skirt is super and have ended with an awesome result I’m happy with (+20 points to Burda). But had to figure it out myself as the instructions were appalling (-5 points). Still up but not by as much as they could be.
        I had thought about offering my services to proofread/edit the instructions but don’t know if they’d pay me 🙂
        They have such potential to be awesome it frustrates me!

      • That’s a great idea to offer your services. I should imagine that would give you a good innings to all the new and up and coming patterns too! Those that don’t ask, don’t get… as my mum always tells me! 😉

  5. Thanks for your review! Always look forward to these! I can’t say I’m super crazy about most of the patterns but I do love the designer coat and the yellow spring coat – can’t wait to see your version! I like that they’re including designer patterns and vintage ones. 🙂

  6. I’ve made a few of the patterns from this month and thought I’d write in quickly. I made a couple of the shirts with shirred fronts and find them flattering for the bust – but if you have an even slightly roundish belly, that also becomes emphasized. I made up the V-neck shirt with funky yoke flaps in a stretch silk and found the sizing a bit off. I’m a 44 and found the fit a bit big in the shoulders so that the effect is a bit too open at the neckline. I do like the design though; the yokes are a refreshing addition. Usually the Burda sizing is right on for me. I know I should test the patterns against my measurements but I prefer to fling myself right in (mostly). I also made the mohair jacket; that one is a winner. Lovely design and so easy and quick to put together. I’ve cut out the pattern for the pleated dress and am just waiting to find the right fabric. yippee!

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