ooobop! review: Burda Style August 2012

Burda Style August 2012

Ooo… is it that time already?! Yay for the August issue of Burda Style magazine and all the autumnal loveliness that’s inside!

From the opening spread I am hooked right in. This silver brocade dress is gorgeously fitted and has those trendy neck pleats that I’ve been noticing in a lot of boutique windows.

Burda Style August 2012

And this little vintage style top is an easy make that comes with beginner instructions. I love how that tie drapes over the shoulders and creates a gorgeous detail for the back.

Burda Style August 2012 tie back top

I’m not so sure I could carry off an imitation patent leather cape at my ripe old age, it would have to be the wool, but what a fabulous simple design to throw over any outfit, to add instant glam!

Burda August 12 cape

Now I’m not sure I’ve got my head around drop-hems yet. Call me old fashioned but they just look like the bottom of the skirt has been cut wonky to me. That said, this is a very pretty dress creating a ‘very feminine silhouette’. I think I like those ‘Bermudas’ too but it’s just starting to be summer here and quite difficult for me to get too wrapped up in Autumn gear!

Burda August 12 dress and bermudas

Though this woolly number, I know would be so useful. It is sewn together from bulky knit fabric but the front edges are finished with crochet and the hem is bound off with a knitted edging. So the whole thing would look impressively hand-knitted! Looks fab teamed with that cotton print dress.

Burda August 12 wooly coat

Love these skirts… the shapes, the pockets and the colours but can you imagine the response of Mr Ooobop! if I were to sport the wrinkled down knee socks too!

Burda August 12 skirts

Oh, oh, oh… just when you’ve seen every style of gathered skirt dress. The little cap sleeves on this lovely fitted bodice creates such a gorgeous shape across the shoulders. This really is a ‘must-make’ for me!

Burda August 12 dress

As is this three quarter sleeve version of the silver brocade dress. In tangerine wool this would be soooo deliciously classy!

Burda August 12 dress

And whilst on the subject of class. What’s not to love about this ‘Work of Art’ dress. ‘Shoulder pads give the slightly puffed sleeves a little support. Bodice and sleeves are all doubled with knit lining’. The high-waisted midriff section is so flattering. Another most definate ‘must-make’.

burda august 12 lbd

A little ‘out there’ perhaps but this imitation snakesknit coat is described as an ‘homage to the poised elegance of Parisian women’! Who am I to argue?! I love it teamed with that opulent faux fur collar!

burda august snakeskin coat

There’s always a great crafty section to rustle up your own designer accessories and this month’s issue focuses on belts. I love the cinched in corsetted look. And I’m sure no one would believe you if you said you’d made one of these yourself:

burda august belts

There are of course always a couple of pages of ‘strange’ on offer. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who am I to judge?!

Full pyjama style trousers teamed with a wedge sleeve jacket, heavily embellished on the sleeves with a weightlifters quantity of rivets. Mind you I guess the training paid off… that brolly must weigh a ton!

burda august rivet jacket

Now this little visitation to the 60s is described as a ‘wonderful look – both then and now…’ assuming they mean for the ‘yoof’ of today!

burda august frilly bikini

I’m afraid the plus section didn’t grab me this time, or the kids so hey, it’s all about me this time!

As per usual, I haven’t even scratched the surface for all the patterns that are included. The above are purely the ones that excite me the most. And so I will leave you with a collage of some (but not all) of the other pics that might be more your cuppa tea! I think you’ll agree that there is pretty much something for everyone this time round.

burda august others