ooobop! review: Burda Style April 2012

burda magazine april 2012

I will admit to squealing with delight when I spotted the April issue of Burda Style magazine on the shop shelf this morning. I’m sure I raised a few eyebrows. And I would love to see the footage on the CC TV camera of my expressions as I  stood, furiously flicking through the pages. I’m just so darned impatient. Can never wait til I’ve even got to the till let alone til I’ve got home.

So for those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, here’s a little taster of some of the gorgeousness in this issue.

First up are these beautiful wrap tops and a really sexy high waisted pencil skirt. I’ve dogeared these pages for sure!

burda april 2012 wrap top

burda april 2012 skirt

This is the self same wrap top, tied at the front and paired with capris. Just how cute is this?

burda april 2012 tie top

I love this look comprising high waisted skirt and little polka dot shirt…

burda april 2012 shirt

And just how classy is this LBD?

burda april 2012 dress

The skirt pattern below is a plus size with lovely pleating detail to the sides. Not so sure I could carry off the whole ‘nude’ thing but it would be very classy and just the ticket in red or black (of course!)

burda april 2012 pleat skirt

There’s this little skirt too which is very similar I’m sure to the little A-line skirts I have made before. The only difference seems to be the in-seam pockets. I do like this look but it would probably only get showcased on holiday!

burda april 2012 skirt

Now I’m really not a fan of trousers, probably because I have never had a pair that fit me or indeed suit me. I think I am just too short. Strides look much better on longer legs. But that said, I really like the look of these. And if I got some really high shoes, perhaps I could create the illusion!

burda april 2012 trousers

I just love how this dress is all about the sleeves. This version is made from sand washed silk. Just imagine how it feels!

burda april 2012 dress sleeves

There’s also a feature on fashion designer Alberta Ferretti, with a pattern for one of her artistically draped chiffon dresses.

burda april 2012 ferretti dress

In fact there are a few more floaty chiffony pieces going on. I’m not so sure they are entirely my cup of tea but I think they are very feminine and pretty all the same…

burda april 2012 chiffon pieces

And there are some dead trendy linen clothes for kids too. Little Miss Ooobop! is at the upper end of the young children’s sizing so I am going to have to launch into grading if I want to pull any of these off. But it would be so worth it if only for that lovely linen coat…

burda april 2012 kids patterns

These are just my picks there seems to be so much more in this issue but this little lot will do me for starters! See any thing you fancy?