Leopard-love shoes

Roder from Aldo

Roder from Aldo

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking I have a thing about shoes but I do owe most of the wonderful shoe finds to my trusty self-appointed ‘shoe-scout’, Mr Ooobop! He spotted these little beauties online giving much reassurance that the height of them was balanced out by the platform, and so we set of to Westfield. Honestly, I tell no lies when I hype up his enthusiasm for ladies footwear including the sometimes tiresome task of shopping for them!

Roder leopard print shoes

See how the platform outweighs the heel?!

I wouldn’t go as far as saying they are the most comfortable shoes in the world but for the first half of my working day (given that I have been given a lift to work) they are not too bad. The 10-minute walk back to the tube station at the end of the day is a slow one to say the least!

At the peak they are an impressive 5.25 inches (13cm) high. Perfect for diddy people like me and possibly my tallest ones to date! All leather, save the adorable faux fur leopard print insert and the rubber sole which is an absolute life-saver as they are really grippy.

Roder leopard print shoes from Aldo

An impressive 5.25 inches at peak!

Not the cheapest pair in the shop at £90 but if you fancy some really impractical but not particularly comfy, dead cool shoes, pop along to Aldo. For the best part, most of the others are a little on the sensible side for me but they do have a great range of funky boots.

So what do you go for comfort or style? Or is there a both?!

New Shoes!

orange shoes

Very orange patent leather brogue lace-up high heel sling backs!

Well I thought I might brighten everyone’s day with a picture of my new shoes that begged me to take them home this weekend.

Yes they are orange patent leather and no they don’t really go with anything I have but do I care? They came from Office in Westfields and were £62 (I think…. I got a bit excited and cant remember exactly how much they were!)

I have got the hang of Westfields now and from the giant scary place I once thought it was, I now feel elated that it is a mere walk away. Having said that, I have to walk past the fabulous fabric shops in the Goldhawk Road first so the entire journey can take some time but who is complaining?!