Fabrics that fashioned a band

For someone who has lived, worked and partied with musicians since a very early age, it’s shocking how little I used to listen to the radio. But, thankfully, my new found obsessionial love of sewing has sparked a renewed love of radio, in particular BBC Radio 6! A great all round, varied, genius playlist even though it does draw attention to my short term memory! Such brilliant company at night when everyone’s in bed and it’s just me and the the hum of the machine. And by day at work when I’ve got my designer head on, but sshhh not too loud though, some people can’t hear themselves think! ;-).

Many a planted seed, conversation, memory, argument and debate has been triggered just from the intro of a song that was from the 70s, 80s, or 90s… or even last week…. have you heard David Bowies new single? ♥

Anyhows, one such seed that got firmly planted was the realization of how many bands were named as types of fabric!

So here you go, in no particular order:

1. The Chiffons (A lovely one to have stuck in your head)

2. Suede (Oh yes!)

3. Corduroy (Remember these?)

4. Black Lace (sorry!)

5. Velvet Revolver (woken up yet?)

6. Velvet Underground (Another velvet, sorry cheating a bit!)

7. Psychedelic Furs (I won cinema tickets to see the movie from a radio phone in!)

8. Billy Cotton and His Band (I used to work in the road behind the Lambeth Walk!)

9. The Swinging Blue Jeans (Well kind of Denim!)

10. Elastica (Forgot how much I like this!)

I feel sure I’ve missed one or two. Can you think of any I shouldn’t have missed?

Happy Thursday everyone! x

Polka dots for The Redfords

Mr Ooobop! is the bass player of The Redfords and I know I am unashamedly biased but I have yet to see another covers band that top these guys. They have become hugely popular over the last couple of years, with very little self-promotion and almost totally from word of mouth.

They are booked well in advance for weddings, charity do’s and corporate events with each gig self generating at least one other! I love the way they dress up instead of down, looking so dapper in their tuxes. And so imagine how chuffed I was to see these pictures of them wearing the polka dot scarves and pocket patches I made for them.

the redfords matt and jim

The Redfords, Matt and JIm

The Redfords, Dan, (aka Mr Ooobop!)

The Redfords, Dan, (aka Mr Ooobop!)

The Redfords, Dan (aka Mr Ooobop!)

The Redfords, Dan (aka Mr Ooobop!)

The Redfords, Tom

The Redfords, Tom

The Redfords, Matt

The Redfords, Matt

The Redfords, George

The Redfords, George

The scarves are cut from the finest silk(y polyester). Or rather ripped 63cms from the selvedge, the whole 60″ width of the fabric. Then simply folded lengthwise and stitched on the three other sides with a 1.5cm seam allowance, leaving a gap at what will be the centre back edge, for turning. I trimmed the seam, leaving the full SA at the opening and snipped the corners before turning right side out. Following a good pressing I slip stitched the opening and gave it a final pressing. Simples!

The pocket patches, funnily enough, were more tricksy. I used a 2mm rolled hem foot to hem north and south edges and then sewed the east and west edges. It takes a lot of concentration and a lot of ruined pieces to arrive at a nearly perfect hem! I have still to master the perfect corners but thankfully they wont be too closely examined when they are peeking from the pockets of The Redfords!

Kind of infectious, those polka dots! 😉