Peggy Pickles Pillowcase Post…

What a great post on Peggy Pickle’s blog this morning. Lots of lovely images showing the children of Great Mercy school and orphanage, western Kenya, wearing their pillowcase dresses. Alison did such a fab job organising this and a lot of fun was had in the making and embellishing of them. I have so enjoyed following her progress and seeing what a difference it makes.

I really wasn’t expecting to see any of the few that I made among the hundreds that were made and shipped but to my surprise, peeking out from the back row, 2nd in from the left, I do believe that’s one that I embellished at the Pillowcase Embellishment party.

pink pillowcase dress

pink bows

Dead chuffed to see it in situ and so very glad to have played my tiny part in this fabulous project. Well done Peggy Pickles. You are a star!

Two awards in one week!

I feel honoured enough by all the wonderful comments and feedback I get from my blog followers but to be sent, not just one, but two awards this week was a massively uplifting!

The Sunshine Award

sunshine award 2012

On Monday I was nominated for The Sunshine Award, by my new friend Beth from Chic Envelopements who lives the US and who is a dab hand at refashioning and paper craft. I was lured to her blog by a fantastic tutorial for mittens, cried at the post about her daughter’s wedding…. and never looked back. Thank you Beth!

Here is a breakdown of how the Sunshine Award works.


Thank the person who gave you the award. (check!)
Write a post about it. (check!)
Answer the questions that come with it.
Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award.

You’d think that the last one would be easy but it just goes to show how many blogs I read when it proved that difficult to choose!

Well, after a lot of umming and arring, here we go…


Favorite Color: Red or orange (Orangy-red, if I’m pushed!)
Favorite Animal: Tiger – without a doubt
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Horchata (Orxata), (when I can get my hands on it!)
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook (Don’t quite get the tweets yet)
My Passion: My family, sewing and all things creative.
Getting or Giving Presents: Giving (and receiving if I’m really honest!)
Favorite Pattern: Stripes and spots.
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
Favorite Flower: Stocks, reminding me of my Dad and anemones of my Mum.

And the nominees are…  Karen was one of the first on my blogroll and is a big bringer of sunshine to my day. Her posts are hilariously addictive and she is a really talented seamstress too! I have had the pleasure of meeting Jane and can confirm she is as lovely as she comes across in her blog. She sews beautifully and looks fabulous in everything she makes. I have met the gorgeous Rachel too. She is a whirlwind of  creativity and blogs all things sewing, cooking and craft whilst studying for her MBA. A very clever lady indeed. Now I’m sure I’m not meant to have favourites in this list….!!! But its difficult when I’m faced with such amazingly off-the-wall and outside-the-box fashion talent from Kazz. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, pop over for some jaw-dropping fabulousness! …or My Happy Sewing Place as it is aptly titled. It certainly is mine too! Debi manages to cosy up a blogspot and saturate it with all number of her stylish vintage creations. She is amazingly talented and incredibly inspiring. It isn’t so common to find male sewing bloggers and especially such talented ones as Peter. He is a native New Yorker who sews the most stunning and outrageous outfits for his ‘identical cousin’ Cathy and writes clever, witty and thought-proving posts. Novita’s blog was one of the first blogs that inspired me. Her attention to detail is perfect in every way. She makes very stylish clothes for herself (check out this beautiful dress) and also for her son and husband from her lovely home in Tokyo. I first met the lovely Alison, for real, at the Pillowcase Embelleshment party and she is well-deserved of a Sunshine Award. She instigated an amazing pile of pillowcase dresses for the Dress A Girl Around the World charity, has made some very chic dresses for herself and is currently making some lovely maternity clothes. Esther is a 17 year old fashion designer from Indiana and … O.M.G… if you want to be inspired by not only what she makes but how she photographs it, do check out her blog. Its simply breathtaking! I have only recently had the pleasure of following the wonderful postings by Trish. She is so passionate about vintage makes and it ooozes from her blog!

So there we have it. Ten lovely Sunshiney blogs, from all over the world, very appropriately awarded with on this lovely sunshiny day in London.

The Leibster Award

Liebster award

On Wednesday I was nominated for the Leibster Award by the lovely Catherine from Cyberdaze. I just love Catherines style. She ooozes style and has impeccable taste. Incidentally she is a fabulous model for her own creations too!

The idea behind this award  is that you nominate five other blogs you enjoy with less than 200 followers and link to them. This is a tall order too, not only because the followers aren’t always displayed but because I clearly read and love too many! So please don’t be disappointed if you are not here. I’m just doing as I’m told!

The nominees for the Liebster Award are as follows: Alias Mrs C from the Hectic Eclectic. Never failing to entertain with her wonderfully written posts let alone her incredible sewing skills and so very kindly always there to offer me sound advice. The wonderful Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes, from Wellington, is a hive of vintage creativity. She sews, thrifts and swaps with a level of productivity that puts us all to shame. Always good to tune in to see what colour her hair is! Ahhh the lovely Miss Dibs from Dibs And The Machine. Another fellow blogger I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting. Her laugh is so infectious, I can tell you. She radiates so much love and genuinity (is that a word?! It is now!) online and in person. A very apt award for her! Now I know there are no sewing related posts here (yet) but for pure vintage dress-up and really cool vintage places to go, the gorgeous Ms Lenith has started something that I hope she doesn’t finish in a hurry! There is talk of an inherited sewing machine making its debut appearance but in the meantime do pop over for a look at some fabulous reviews and photos. Is a lovely, like-minded, recent addition to my reading list. I love that she is on the same wavelength… kind of spooky!

I know its not everyone’s thing receiving and sending awards, but personally this has been a great way for me to acknowledge the blogs that give me so much pleasure in so many ways. And also by way of ‘chain-linking’ it has introduced me to some great new ones too!

And that just leaves me to say once again, thank you to Beth and Catherine for thinking of me and a massive thank you to all my lovely followers and followees. You all make my world a far lovelier place to be. xxx

Pillowcase dress embellishment party!

I’m a bit slow to report on the lovely evening that was had by all last Tuesday so please forgive me if I am cloning posts here!

The Pillowcase Dress Embellishment Party was hosted by the lovely Peggy Pickles at Drink Shop and Do. The mission was exactly what it said on the tin, to make pretty over 100 pillowcase dresses that will very soon be making their way to Malawi and Kenya via a charity called Dress A Girl Around The World.

Its difficult to say which part of the evening was the best really… so many wonderful aspects to it. Firstly, the shop itself was so cool. A place where you can literally drink, shop and do!

Drink shop and do

Drink Shop and Do, Islington

As you walk in the front door, you are greeted by lots of lovely retro goodies for sale in the shop….

Inside shop

Inside shop

Dansette radiogram

Dansette radiogram

Rugs and cups

Rugs and cups

Cute things for sale

Cute things for sale

Then just up a small flight of steps is the cafe which serves high tea and cocktails, nibbles, cakes and beer! The tea is served in mismatched vintage cups and saucers from floral teapots and I counted over 30 different kinds of teas on offer!

There is a weekly programme of crafting events and all sorts of crafty and vintagy courses you can partake in.

Anyway, more importantly and before I sat down to such delights, I was met by the lovely Peggy Pickles who was the wonderful instigator of the evening.

Peggy Pickles

Peggy Pickles and just a few of the dresses!

I handed over my meagre contribution of 2 finished dresses and then set about finding a seat. It was very apparent that I should have reserved a seat as it was rammed full of enthusiastic sewers and and other doers!

Lots of sewers

Lots of sewers

I was delighted to meet Miss Dibs and Rachel there. Two gorgeous ladies who provided no end of joy and laughter!

Miss Dibs and Rachel

Miss Dibs and Rachel

And just look at Rachel’s recent sewing masterpiece… I have never had such a bad case of cape-envy until now! It looked stunning and felt gorgeous – the photo below really doesn’t do it justice. More info about this at House of Pinheiro!

Cape envy!

Cape envy!

And I had a lovely chat with The (not so) Lazy Stitcher! A real treat to meet blogging friends for real!

Lazy Stitching!

(not so) Lazy Stitching!

The lovely ladies pictured below were apparently ‘non-sewers’. I can’t possibly find big enough inverted commas to emphasize how disbelieving I was. They created these gorgeous dresses claiming either they had never sewn before or at least hadn’t sewn since they were 10 years old . . . yeah right!

The 'non-sewers'... yeah right!

The 'non-sewers'... yeah right!

I managed to embellesh three in total. And here is the first one…

pink bows

pink bows

Well I have to say, the beer went down far too easily and I clean forgot to eat with all the excitement going on. I’d have gladly have stayed for a sleepover… definitely not a place I was willingly leaving!

A trip to the ladies was a bit of a surprise when eventually I did say my goodbyes!

Wrong door!

Wrong door!

Took me a while to realise that the ladies was the hidden door on the left . . . just before the big blue one!

Dress a Girl Around the World Campaign: Pillowcase Dress #1

pillowcase dress 1

pillowcase dress #1

Dress a girl Around the World is run by Hope 4 Women and is the inspiration and driving force behind a campaign to encourage sewers to make pretty pillowcase dresses to distribute around the world.

Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons is promoting a fabulous meet up for all who want to be part of this lovely mission. It’s at a really cool place called Drink Shop and Do, in Islington, on December 6th . . . you really should check it out if you are a crafty, vintagy, cocktail drinking, scrabble playing socialite! I’m so excited to be going along and I’m so glad I wont be going empty handed. We’ve been asked to bring along trimmings to embellish ones that have already been made but also if we have time, to make some of our own.

The make-up instructions are really simple and they are so quick to make up, really! For more information about the campaign, please click here.

So who else is coming along?!