Pinstripes & parasols

pinstripe skirt

Now there’s nowt very exciting to say about a pinstripe pencil skirt. It’s pinstripy and pencilly… and that’s about it really. But it can’t possibly go without documentation, especially since Mr O and his buddy the camera made it look more interesting than it actually is!

pinstripe skirt outside St. Pancras station

I self-drafted the pattern so it fits well and it used up just under a metre of leftover wool-mix fabric and  a piece of purple stash lining which makes it cost-free, sort of!

pinstripe skirt and parasol

The main reason for making a garment so dull, was to rehearse the fitting process before I make a long awaited-skirt for my friend, who bid for it in the school auction! (More about that soon hopefully). But dull and boring as it may be, this skirt does make for a great go-to for work.

back of skirt

I made it a last week but needed some divine inspiration before shooting it. And then I spotted these beautiful brollies over at Masato Studio Boutique! (Yes, they are brollies and not parasols but that would kind of ruin the whole alliteration thing, don’t you think?)

Red Umbrella

It was well worth the investment. Total distraction from skirt but much more interesting photos… win! My little red beauty is made by Love Umbrellas. They do some really cute heart shaped ones too. Rainy days most certainly wont get me down any more!!

pinstripe skirt

Mr O took these shots around St Pancras Station, London, today, Just after I had the most lovely lunch with some of my favourite sewing ladies: Amy, Sally, Clare, Rehanon and Alison. They had all done their fabric shopping in the morning and I was so pleased to catch them for a couple of hours and a couple of G&Ts over at Drink Shop & Do. Boy I love that place! Should have really got Mr O up earlier to get an impromptu shot of us all but heyho can’t have it all!

St Pancras Station

Burda 11/2010 Jacket #130

burda jacket 130 Nov2010

Oh where to start?

Well, from the very beginning would probably be a good idea! I started this jacket way back in February but was wearing it in my head from the first time I saw it in Burdastyle mag 11/2012! I completely ignored the number of coloured circles which indicate level of difficulty. Half a circle short of the most difficult… how difficult would that be?!

It transpires that it wasn’t particularly difficult, once I’d deciphered the 2 magazine columns of instructions, though my strops might have suggested differently. I really don’t respond well to written instructions as much as pictorial ones!

I will do a follow up post with all the niggly construction bits but for now I am so happy to present the finished jacket that was kindly and so brilliantly shot by Mr Ooobop! today. Kensington Gardens provided an amazing autumnal backdrop, despite the lack of sunshine and we had a lovely stroll while Little Miss Ooobop! went to a bowling party at All Star Lanes.

These were taken at the Italian Fountains near Lancaster Gate. It was lovely and misty but still the colours of the trees were beautiful.

burda Jacket Italian Fountains

burda jacket shot by italian fountainsDespite the lack of blue sky, my trusty photographer was determined to make use of the gorgeous colours and he got some great detail shots too.

burda jacket autumn leavesI’m so loving the sparkly raspberry buttons!

sparkly raspberry buttonsBesides being so happy to have finished and be wearing my jacket, today also proved how we take for granted all the beautiful open spaces that London has to offer. So many on our doorstep. Must get out more often!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I’m off to find a tiny project!

burda jacket in the leaves

Scary Burda jacket!

I’ve got lots of little projects on the go right now, and lots of work to make sure I don’t finish them, so what’s a girl to do? I know… start another bigger project!

burda jacket 131

Burda Jacket 131, November 2010 issue

I did try searching for a jacket pattern – you know, one that comes in the right size, all ready with seam allowances, neatly folded in a little packet – but this one has stuck in my mind ever since I saw it and nothing else came close. It is Jacket 131 from November 2010 issue Burda Style magazine. This issue has proved to be worth every penny since I have already reaped the patterns for Little Miss Ooobop’s Snow Leopard Coat and her Pinky Purple dress plus there is another skirt and a dress pattern that I quite like the look of… bargain!

There’s a little bit of pressure riding on this one as Mr Ooobop! brought me 2 lovely pieces of fabric last week and I’m determined to do them justice. There are precious few people whom I would trust to choose fabric for me but he gets it right every time and I love that he is so encouraging…and thoughtful. All is forgiven with regards the shrunken skirt!.

The first piece is a charcoal grey wool with cheeky lilac and white pinstripes and this will be the jacket. The second piece is a lighter weight wool in a gorgeous lilac/mauve plaid with a mint stipe running through. This will be a fitted dress to coordinate with the jacket. Well that is the thought for today.

jacket and dress wool

Jacket and dress wool fabric

Panic has already set in. There are 13 pieces for the outer but I am quickly adding the 7 pieces for the lining to make 20 in total and to make sure its not an unlucky sign from the start! Me? Superstitious? Yes! This is the most number of pieces I have ever put to use in one garment. Especially traced from the crazy spaghetti sheet from Burda Style mag. I have faith… honest I do!  I’m beginning to think Mr Ooobop! is right about me always making hard work for myself!

burda pattern lines

Scary Burda pattern lines

I am definitely going to embark on a toile. I have no way of even knowing what goes where at this stage to know where to add an extra inch or two! No semi-acceptable fabric to hand (for a possible wearable toile) either so calico it is but hopefully I can use it as the finished pattern pieces with seam allowances when I’m done. I’m trying not to think that I am effectively going to make this jacket twice!

Already the instructions make no sense half-way through so I am hoping that it will make more sense as I go along. And stand by all of you who have displayed lovely jackets and coats on your blogs, namely Amy, KatKaren, and Catherine to name a few, I will be wailing and pleading for assistance when it all goes pear shaped!