Snow leopard coat

snow leopard coat

Sporting the snow leopard coat

‘Hoorah!’ she exclaimed as she snipped the thread from the last remaining press stud.

‘Booooo!’ she growled when she discovered that half of it was in the wrong place.

Can I just say, that my sherry was so deserved after sewing on 7 press studs and 7 furry fake buttons last night. Threading a needle by Christmas tree light 21 times is no mean feat in itself you know!

Don't you just love sewing on 'poppers'?!

Don't you just love sewing on 'poppers'?!

Thank heavens for one of these . . .

My beloved needle threader

My beloved needle threader

. . . or it would never have happened!

I really and truly thought that this would be a quick little project to put together before Christmas but I can’t even tell you how long it took in total.

Firstly I had to grade up the pattern. And with many thanks to Mrs C and her wonderfully helpful comment, I managed pretty well. Though I may have made the back section a little too large. But on the plus side theres plenty of room for a Christmas jumper or two underneath!

snow leopard coat, side view

snow leopard coat, side view

The pattern is from Burda Style magazine, 11/2010. And I just knew I had to make it, even if Little Miss Ooobop! didn’t want one! Transpires she did and she loves it! It is in all essence a simple one and putting the main pieces together would be very quick given a correct sized pattern but I really did underestimate the time to hand finish the lining and sew on those’ darling little snappers’!

Fur fabric is so much easier than I thought to work with. My scissors glided through like skates on ice and of course the real beauty of it is that it doesn’t fray, so no neatening of seams necessary.

snuggly furry collar

loving the snuggly furry collar

The fabric was a great find from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton. The ladies in there are so lovely and helped me to pick out the fabulous lining which is shot blue/pink/purple.

cheeky purple shot lining

Cheeky purple shot lining

I love how a lining heavys-up a garment and makes it hang all properly!

Ooo, what’s next, I wonder?