The Thatched House suit

Just popped out to catch some dinner and the last of the sunshine before it all goes pear-shaped at the weekend. It appears that our ‘local’ was dressed for dinner too!

thatched house suit

Thatched House dressed for dinner

The hat is a bit wonky but its a good look methinks, all the same. It begged the question ‘why’ but I had anticipated a more elaborate answer than ‘it just seemed like a good idea’! Dinner was lovely but best of all was the sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream… sooo incredibly naughty!

Anyhows this post comes by way of apology as real work (graphic design work) has usurped my sewing, not for the first time, and I have nothing new and self-made to report. But very much intend to change that status very soon.

I am now experiencing withdrawal symptoms when I don’t sew for a period of time. I need that fix or I am a very grumpy mummy! Though I did have a joyous moment last week when I proudly found myself in the Burdastyle Best of April box . . . one of twenty no less. How excited, honoured and surprised was I!!! I must not rest on laurels though. I have a very very long way to go. I want to learn more and more and I don’t ever want to stop. Click here to see my entry.

See you soon x