Hoppy Christmas everybody!

tilda bunny

Happy Christmas from Lady Flopsy

Well here it is… Christmas eve 2011! I still have to do a mad dash to Westfields, there’s the food shopping to do and some presents to deliver. I have a trifle to make and of course a mountain of gifts to wrap. But what am I doing? Making bunnies of course!

My new years resolution was to steal every available opportunity to sew and it’s kicked in a bit too soon! I want to act on every urge I have to create something, and I’m starting from now. This little lady rabbit is not ready to be parted with just yet. She’s not got her clothes on yet for goodness sakes! It was more to satisfy my weird obsession with linen! Clearly one of my favourite fabrics. I love its rawness, the natural colours and the way it moulds and shapes and always looks like a piece of history!

But really I should be getting on with the above. So before I hop off to join the masses in their moments of last minute madness I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. I’m so grateful for all the inspiration and encouragement from all my readers and followees and without doubt you are all a very special part of my life!

Lots of love Janene x