Back in time for a Whirlwind block!

It does pay to be the last one to leave the office sometimes!

Just as I was grouching out of the lift last night, and went to sign out, the receptionist asked if I would like to take these home! Well that was enough to put a smile back on my face!


Pays to stay late!

I’m sure I didn’t arrange them as they deserved, once I got home, but they have really brightened up my kitchen this morning!

I have been crazily busy with work this week and a job this morning has jeopardised sewing time today too but I did however manage to make the 2nd block for my quilt last night! Not by hand this time… shame on me… I am behind by 2 issues already and needed to produce at least one little something this week, otherwise I would have truly gone mad!

So here it is… The Whirlwind block

whirlwind quilt block

Whirlwind quilt block

Thank you to Mrs C for her helpful comment on my last quilt post, I remembered to press the lighter seams onto the darker ones. None too neat with the snip, but hopefully you will get the reason behind this!

whirlwind quilt block reverse

Whirlwind quilt block reverse

Block Facts:

Name: Whirlwind
History: Said to be a variation of the Pinwheel design, seen in quilts from the mid-1700s, and features rotating ‘sails’.
Level: Beginner
No. of pieces: 8

When I started this blog, I didn’t think for one minute I would be including quilting posts but I kind of like the pressure that is mounting on this one. Firstly from my neighbour who has kindly bought me the subscription. She asks me each week how I am getting on and I feel truly ungrateful if I haven’t made any progress! Secondly, I have Little Miss Ooobop! on my case to spend quilting time together and lastly but not leastly, if I share my progress on here, then I have just got to reach a finale at some point! Though I’m not even thinking about how many more blocks I have to create yet… wish me luck!