Vintage pattern collection

I have amassed quite a collection of vintage patterns over the last few years and seriously need to catalogue them in some way. So this is very much (slow) work in progress! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do! If you notice any that are in the wrong era, please let me know. And do pop back from time to time for updates.

To view the covers at a bigger size, just click on the individual images.

If you would like to use any of these images, I rarely refuse. Just ask and link back. Simples!


Simplicity 3302: 1930s Dress with Fitted Bodice and Accessory Set DuBarry 5089


Bestway 40s: suit pattern Advance 3883 40s dress pattern butterick 2638 Economy Design No. 161
 Du Barry 2479B


Norman Hartnell blouse pattern

Woman 479 wrap dress

Woman Hardy Amies exclusive pattern

Woman p131 hats bed jackets and duck

Economy Design No.197 Simplicity 8488 Economy design No. 198 Woman's Realm WR. 1
woman's realm WR. 537 Woman P.132 Butterick 9635 Butterick 8043

Advance 6702 1950s


Butterick 5710

Blackmore 9512: 60s dress pattern

maudella 1223 pattern McCalls 5605 vintage pattern tops
womans_weekly_b170 womans_realm_l77 simplicity 3320 Blackmore 9644
Maudella 5628 McCalls 2258 1969 Butterick 8198 Style Patterns 2152
Weldons 8206 Simplicity 4673 1962



6 thoughts on “Vintage pattern collection

  1. They’re beautiful! I’m so jealous! Where did you get them? From websites or thrift shops? I think it’ll be important to make sure they don’t degrade as well….is the tissue in good condition?

    • Thanks Kat. Tip of the iceberg… loads more to load on, when I get some time. I get them from all over and I should really stop but I love them so much. Tissue is almost always in good condition. As are most of the envelopes but whatever those DuBarry ones are made of are the exception to the rule. They are very brittle and just disintigrate!

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    • Really?! OMG! Well it would be so rude of me not to accept but are you sure? I would indeed take very good care of them and of course be ready to send them back should you change your mind!!! I have just found you on Twitter which I am v happy about so praps we could private message each other as I haven’t a clue how to contact privately on WordPress!

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