ooobop! vintage sheet dress

ooobop vintage sheet dress front

ooobop! vintage sheet dress front

This lovely old sheet reminded me of my favourite nightdress my grandmother gave me as a child. It was one of my most treasured items of clothing and even at the age of 6, I had plans on using it for patchwork when I grew out of it. Needless to say I was as fickle then as I am now and heaven knows what happened to it! I probably wore it til it was threadbare!

The sheet has been awaiting its destiny for at least 7 years and so I got a huge amount of satisfaction from its transformation. I used a Burda pattern from issue 2/2011, for the bodice and gathered rectangles (a bit wider than suggested) for for skirt. There is an inseam pocket on the left and an invisible zip on the right . . . spot the deliberate mistake!
You can also download a copy of the pattern hereΒ for $5.40.

vintage sheet dress side

ooobop! vintage sheet dress side

I love the feel of this old cotton and the shape of the dress. Its far more flattering than I thought it might be and I wore it to my friends’ barbecue on Sunday when we had a long overdue burst of sunshine.

vintage sheet dress at barbecue

ooobop! vintage sheet dress at the barbecue . . . cheers!

The bodice is lined with polycotton, cut on the bias and sewn applying this all-in-one method. Its taken me a few goes to get to grips with this technique but I feel confident about doing it now and it gives a really neat finish. The lining is turned under and hand sewn to the zipper tape and the seam where the bodice meets the skirt. I machine-hemmed the skirt with a 2 inch hem. I normally take the time to hand finish my hems but there was quite a lot of skirt in this case and time was of essence!

I think this is a strong contender for my vintage outfit next weekend. Oh… did I tell you that I was off to the Southbank’s Vintage Festival next weekend? I am sooo excited. Is any one else coming? I will be sure to be posting on this one so brace yourself for a whole heap of photos!

15 thoughts on “ooobop! vintage sheet dress

  1. It’s gorgeous and you look wonderful in it, you clever thing! And yes, I’m going to the vintage festival!!!! What day are you going? I’m going on Friday, let’s meet up if you’re there that day. x

  2. Love this so much! I really love this 50’s inspired dress complete with flowers and stripes! Perfect! And you look fabulous rockin’ the dress!!!

  3. i didn’t think the pattern was worth making until i’d seen your dress. you’d made me re-consider it. very pretty on you and i won’t know the fabric was a bedsheet if you don’t say!

  4. I rarely sew for myself. Mostly my children, but in Sept I have an event to attend and I want a vintage feel dress. I’ve been Googling the heck out of vintage dresses and found yours. Love it so much I hope I can make something that looks this nice. Love it!

    • Thank you so much Sascha. I am very flattered. I have just been over to your wonderful blog and seen your lovely creations. Such beautiful photos too. You will have no problem with the pattern I’m sure. And you look pretty hot at choosing gorgeous fabrics too! I will subscribe so I can check that I’m right… no pressure! πŸ™‚

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  6. You look gorgeous in this dress! I love it, its so feminine and unique. Love ur blog too, dont feel like such a weirdo going to charity shops for fabric and sewing anymore! Theres not enough of us sewers, well not in my life anyhows!

    • Aww…thanks Elizabeth! Charity shop shopping is addictive especially when you find ones with fabric sources. I have got very lucky with fabrics that I would never have found new in fabric shops. It is very gratifying! πŸ™‚

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