ooobop! review: Burda Style July 2012

burda style july 2012
I knew it was coming… and I knew I wouldn’t be able to lay off the office cakes and biscuit stash… and, as a result… I AM NOT A STRAIGHT LINE! 😦

Otherwise I would truly embrace the opening section of July issue of Burda Style magazine.

Just take a peek at this 20s inspired loveliness!!…

burda style july flapper style

burda style july flapper style

I’m confused when the above dresses feature in the ‘Dresses for Everyone’ section with a tagline of ‘Stylish  – for all figure types’. I am short and my hips are wide and my legs really don’t go up to my armpits… go figure!

This one is pretty cute though with its ‘dramatic waterfall neckline and widely swirling godets’.

burda style july 2012 coral dress

I am none too wowed by ‘The Call of the Caribbean’ either to be honest. But that is purely because I am ever so slightly miffed about not getting a decent holiday this summer. There are a whole bunch of easy makes here. Mostly made from square fluttery chiffonness as dreamy as one of those far away tropical holiday dreams. I will hold that thought, perhaps for next year!

burda style 2012 caribbean

But oh… here we go. I’m sure those Burda ladies chuck a vintage number in to appease the moaning minnies, like me. This is a lovely classic summer dress. And it is truly earmarked.

burda style july 2012 vintage dress

Summer blouses are back again, apparently… did they ever go away? Or did I just refuse to comply? There are a few ‘light and lovely’ ones in this issue, mostly shapless (again) but defo worth a try.

burda style july 2012 blouses

A little more shapely… this blouse is very versatile. Slightly transparent, both casual and refined.

shapely blouse

And this one is firmly on my list. Probably none too different from the peasant blouses I have made (here and here) but with a gathered tie instead of elastic round the neck and bound sleeve edges instead of elastic. I love the colour combo and fabric choice in this example.

peasant blouse adaptation

Lol… I am defo of an age whereby I am scarred still from the memories of knitted cozzies. Weighed down with sand and swinging ungainly at the rear. So as pretty (and tiny) as these crocheted bikinis are, I might have to give them a miss!

burda style july crochet bikini

This month includes a section on cool summer classics. Made in linen and silk, there are some stylishly simply ideas here.

summer light clothes

Some interesting dart placements on this skirt…

burda style july 2012 skirt

Another take on the peasant blouse? It’s made up here in a double layer of chiffon which sounds a bit scary and immediately changes my first impressions of a simple quick to run up little top! But I do like a bit of a challenge and so this little cutie makes the grade too!

peasant blouse adaptation

Not a fan of the strides. Or moreso they are not a fan of mine. I can never find a style that works for me. But I think the drawstring feature is certainly an interesting one on these linen pants.

drawstring linen pants

And these tight, ankle length trousers with cuffs are brilliantly paired with a loose fitting blouse.

tight ankle length trousers

Love this dress. Also on the list.

seersucker dress

The Plus section comes up trumps once again. No squares or straight lines here. (apart from one tunic) Mostly shapely and sexy as usual…

Plus size dress polkadots

plus size top

plus size dress

plus size sexy dress

But highlight of this issue for me is the childrens’ section. Alas I don’t have a child small enough any more but I will make sure to find one. These are sooooo adorable and French and vintage and classically classy, wouldn’t you say?!

childrens sailor clothes

childrens sailor clothes

christening robe

childrens clothes

Ok. Inspiration overload. List as long as my arm. Why do I do this to myself?!

24 thoughts on “ooobop! review: Burda Style July 2012

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Haven’t received my issue yet but I was worried when I couldn’t find the dress in the full preview. Glad it’s still there. Definitely on my list!!! And I agree, I cannot believe the Green and Mustard/Yellow dress is the Petite selection for July, what were they drinking??!?!??!

  2. I can’t wait to get this. We’re several months behind in NZ,but since our seasons are also reversed this isn’t usually a problem. I find it hard to get enthusiastic about summer dresses in June, I also don’t usually do vintage, but that vintage pattern is seriously cute, without being too young for me. Thanks

  3. Hmm, some nice goodies there, although I agree with you with the dresses – definitely not for “everyone” Thing is, we all say you can only wear those if you are stick thin and straight up and down. However, if I offered to make those for either of my daughters, who fit the bill, they’d say no thanks. Why? ‘Cause they’re baggy and don’t show off their shapes. Go figure.

  4. I can’t wait for my Burda to arrive. Even if I never sew a garment from it, I see find so much inspiration from flipping through the pages. Looks like the July edition is going to be great!

    • Absolutely! I don’t get to make half as many garments from it as I’d like. Defo not enough hours in the day but with the few that I do and the inspiration that it gives I think its more than worth the cover price.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Sigrid! I can’t help but think its a sign that I should learn how to grade patterns properly so I can get me some of those sexy dresses!

  5. Looks like Burda has done it again! Enticing us towards their boxy shapeless patterns with willowy drinking straw models and expensive fabric! LOOK AWAY!! LOL – in all seriousness, though, the only silhouettes which appeal to me from this issue are the plus sized ones. I’ll leave the potato sacks to the models of the world ^___^

  6. Thanks for that! I just love that retro summer dress (of course) and the sailor ones are great too, esp that light blue number. The 20s ones don’t suit my fancy mainly because I like more fitted styles…BS usually has one or two patterns I like, and that’s worth the $15!

    • I agree. Even the issues with 1 or 2 good patterns are still worth their cover price. And there are always elements that you can take from the ones that you don’t like so much.

  7. I let my subscription slide unfortunately. This issue has some lovely things but I also have the problem in that they usually don’t offer small enough sizes for me. I adore the vintage sundress.

    • I should really subscribe but I get so impatient and am likely to buy it before it’s delivered! I feel like I have the same issue, only that the plus sizes, which are always gorgeous, are too big also!

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